Thursday, January 13, 2022

Preparing for Common Law Court

Guess who I am preparing to take to Common Law court for not answering my request for information. 

Hello.  My name is Paget Hillebrand.  I am requesting under the Public Records Act the amount of the bond of coverage for Dr. Tomás Aragón, CDPH.

Thank you.

Perhaps he will ignore my administrative remedies and I will get a judge to switch hats and hand me the amount of that bond.  I either get him to admit there is no isolate that is bringing Commiefornia to its knees or I get to purchase a billboard or two to advertise information on non-vaxx ways, vaxx harmful ways, becoming liberated, natural remedies, my book, your book, etc.  It will be mine to give human slaves some much needed positive vibes.

4:31 PM Confirmation that your request has been received. I will submit this request through the appropriate PRA request channels.


Please remember various methods of protection.

One is to write something like the following.  Place it on your front door (or somewhere semi-private where you could guide eyes should a physical official be standing there, but private enough that your neighbor may not see it), back door, side doors, on top of curio cabinets and shelves for those that can see through walls and ceilings.  Also, state it out loud.

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