Thursday, December 30, 2021

M. Ford, Lawful Assembly & My Thoughts

Michelle Ford and I hold similar perspectives on the de facto compared with the de jure, credit/debt, liberated and slave and such.  Where we differ is


·       I feel US citizens need to send an affidavit to the Secretary of State changing their status to USA national.  This still has you within the system, but it protects you from words on paper such as The Patriot Act. The national status possibly matches your passport to reveal that you are a national when read by the Pass System. Being a national offers a baby step supporting you in getting out of the system as you purchase a vehicle keeping the manufacturer’s statement of origin, correcting your taxes status, leaving licenses behind, etc.

·       Boundaries supported by corporations such as the UNITED STATES and their ports (airports, docking areas, etc) are non-existent to the living man(kind).  To say this in a religious way so that you may “get” it, this land and water, the Earth over, is Heaven under God.  Saying it my way, you are from Nature and being under Natural Law/Universal Law, there are no boundaries.  You may travel as you like.  The de facto ports and “countries” are non-existent.

·       Everything out there is pre-paid.  You may use the Judicial District’s General Post-office with your signature to send post.  Simply “address” the envelopes and packages with the correct language.  (Perhaps this taps into your personal or human’s collective credit.)  The “Refusal for Cause” to close parking and traffic tickets may also tap into our credit.  Therefore, if we can remember, all expenses may be prepaid with the correct language      submitted to the correct place in a timely manner.


·       The true court is with the envelope sent registered as private, living man(kind) through the General Post-office.

·       You do not need any sort of “government” where you ask a “representative” to please do this that and the other.  You may hold them accountable through the post/true court.


·       California, though the country to a US national from California, is still behaving on behalf of the District of Columbia unless a private, living man(kind) accesses consciousness to hold California to being land without boundaries and it is as Heaven.

·       Some judges in the system know how to switch to Common Law just as some USPS employees and machines know how to switch to the General Post-office. (I understand Louisiana “outlawed” Common Law, but it would be interesting to see “pre-paid” success stories out of that area.)

I love that humans are changing their status from citizens of their corporations to whatever they call it.  Just that move alone sends a message to the 1% dElite and AI (artificial intelligence & alien intelligence) that humans are onto their bs.  The only non-citizens associated with the US are the Samoans.  When we are nationals, we do not call ourselves “non-citizens,” even though we no longer identify as citizens.  Semantics, I know, but words are everything.

Do the agents of the government fear an assembly made legally and lawfully?  Hmm.  I do not know.  But I do know they will be concerned if you level-up and can access one pre-paid thing after another, not need licenses, and not register anything such as a vehicle.

If the defacto State Department does not hold your affidavit of status change, within the system, you are still a citizen, which means you are still a slave.  All members seeking to be in this assembly should become US nationals by way of sending this affidavit to the Secretary of State, along with whatever else they are doing within the system, to simply protect themselves until they finally get to the pre-paid out of the Matrix zone.

Please listen to all of M. Ford’s Zoom and then possibly reread what I have written.  You need to get educated and find the right path for yourself now.  This is the moment to level up or to remain a slave with all that servitude implies. 

Now, go.  Anchor the light. Hwa!

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