Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Toxinated, Heart Problems, and Regret?

The following is for entertainment value only.


The following is what I do sometimes for protection against the toxinated, but it is for those who have had the $hot and have survived so far, too.  (I hold in consciousness that you have learned not to trust the agents of the government so they do not kill you, but know that if you had that $hot, you may be the walking dead already.)

·  Garlic, ginger, pure maple syrup, and lemon juice in equal parts boiled for ten minutes.  Keep this in the fridge and take a teaspoon or tablespoon once or twice a day.  This is for the blood.

·   Take Sulphur in order to assist with detoxing, but to support you in making glutathione.

·   Essiac tea also from Humbleweed can help you with inflammation and even worse.  If you don’t have cancer, then just do it periodically.  

I   In the past, Dr. Dale's Raw Natikinase was great for those older than forty and athletes.  Now, it's great for all due to the toxinated transmitting.  Those who have received the shot also should take this.  Her NAC is also recommended for this c*vid era, which is an non-natural attack on humanity.

·      I have papers inside and outside my home stating what and who is not to enter my home.  (The toxinated are not to transmit weapons in my home.)

·      I have it written that if you kill me, then you enter into a contract with me.  I have the contract spelled out.


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