Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Contracting With Me


With the one-year anniversaries of the assassinations of Sallie Elkordy and Brandy Vaughn (This was written November 3, 2021 and they were assassinated 11/22 and 12/8), with the thorn I am becoming in many politician’s sides, with simply putting myself out there more, I decided to implement a measure of protection. 


If any being, human, non-human, individual, individuals within a group, non-individual, non-souled damon, damon with a soul, does any action towards ending my physical life, murdering me, assassinating me, then he is, she is, the controller of the “it” is, they are choosing to enter into a contract with me. 

The contract is two-part:  First, upon succeeding at ending this physical point of focus on 3D Earth as this private living man(kind) that I am, immediately all involved will turn into a physical, white-haired chihuahua that no human can see that is or are scattered about Earth and not together.  Then, no human will be sad and want to assist the poor dog, but also, no-one will see the dog, it may get hit by a car and killed, but it has to reset to the starving, thirsty beast that it was and walk off to find food, over and over until eighteen Earth years is through.  (I hold in consciousness that all who (and that) are involved with assassinating people whether operating frequency, a knife or other tool, or the one who is frequency-controlled or using the knife or other tool will choose not to enter into a contract with me.) 

Second, after I review my lifetime and lifetimes (points of focuses), I will choose the second part to be implemented after their eighteen years of dog life.  I am holding in consciousness that I will see where I was my most non-community minded, most vile and see what assisted me in connecting with my MultiSelf to get me back on tract and that hopefully, I will choose that for their second part.  But it is possible that I may choose another hard path for them out of disgust that beings thoughtlessly choose to take people’s lives.


3 November 2021


Last, first middle name-executrix (executor if male)

For legal fiction Jane Jones

So Be It.  It Be So!


Now, to be lawful with an extra boost, you may have a friend witness this

“I, living mankind commonly known as Jane Jones (Affiant), on my own unlimited commercial liability, certify that I have read the above and do know that the facts contained are true, correct and complete, not misleading, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”


Yours Truly,


By: ________________________________________________________(Affiant)

All Rights Reserved                                      



You signing in his or her presence.


Acknowledgment For verification purposes only


Sworn to me by Last, first, middle-executrix for Jane Jones (Affiant), known to me and proven to me to be the real living mankind signing this affidavit this ___________________ day of ___________________, 20_____. WITNESS my hand and official seal.



If your witness has no seal, leave that off.  If you have a seal, add it to yours.  If you are still only identifying as the legal fiction, simply use the name that you use legally.  Do not worry about all this executrix/executor business.


These last few bits are simply extra.


Also, you may state this all aloud, as well.


“Just to be clear, though it be posted about my home, …”  And state the whole contract.


There is no end to our creativity which they dislike.  When we are in fear, we shut down and cannot think our way out.  So do whatever you can to not fear this opponent until they are no longer an opponent.  It’s like a tennis match that ends.  Are you able to see it as ended?


If you have further ideas, please leave a comment.  Thank you!

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