Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Letters to Southwest Airlines and Biden

(Their response below 2/1/2022)

I flew SW Airlines recently and was appalled at the “Nazi”-style aggression the staff showed over the so-called mask-mandate.  They thought they had authority over a US National.  They thought they had a right to inform me that I had to cover this nostril simultaneously with that nostril and my mouth.  It is not so.


Also sent to Douglas H. Brooks, J. Veronica Biggins and Gary Kelly of Southwest Airlines.

November 2, 2021


Southwest Airlines

Attention:  David W. Biegler

P.O. Box 36611,

Dallas, Texas 75235-1611


Dear Mr. Biegler:

On October 30, 2021, I flew SW from Nashville to Phoenix and was appalled by the high-handed, ignorant manner of the flight attendants and staff.  They went back and forth warning about how they were in charge over mask mandates or mask laws.  For any traveler, the distinction is important.  If an Executive order has been published in the federal register, then they should follow their mask demand with the EO number.  Further, your staff need to be informed about US Nationals who are outside federal words on paper and their authority.  You could have a Pass System available at all SW flights to read their passport cards for proof or simply teach your staff that if someone says they are a US National, they could leave them alone.  I would love to boast about your staff to other nationals and make your airline one that we frequent because your staff is so educated.

I want to bring your attention to Title 8 U.S. Code Section 1503-"Denial of rights and privileges as national" just to inform you that we are here and that we have Rights that should not be denied.  No average Joe will claim to be a national when they are not because they do not know about it.  Please ensure I am not discriminated against again due to being ignored when I communicated that I am a national.  Thank-you.

I am sending this letter to the Secretary of State for my administrative file.


Sincerely yours,


November 2, 2021


 Mr. Biden

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


Mr. Biden:

If you insist on tyrannical words on paper, even if you actually follow correct procedure by publishing your executive orders in the Federal Register, then please put into place the Pass System for US Nationals to pass freely through your barricades. 

I want to bring your attention to Title 8 U.S. Code Section 1503-"Denial of rights and privileges as national" just to inform you that we are here and that we have Rights that should not be denied.  No average citizen will claim to be a national when they are not, because they do not know about it.  Make sure workers have a way to admit those who are not under your authority and restrictions.  Thank-you.

A copy of this letter has been sent to the Department of State for my administrative file.


Bright Day Thoughts,




Veronica's letter arrived in 2 days.



 Dear Paget,

I recognize that it has taken us some time to respond to your correspondence sent by mail. Due to an error on our end, we only recently became aware of your letter. I want to assure you that your concerns are important to us. We strive to respond to our Customers in a timely manner, and I hope you’ll accept our sincere apologies for this oversight.

As you might imagine, all Southwest Airlines Employees are expected to be friendly, helpful, and, above all else, courteous to all of our Customers who are kind enough to grant us their business. Treating Customers disrespectfully is certainly inappropriate, as is demonstrating a biased attitude. Indeed, discrimination for any reason is wrong. Our Company could not survive if we believed otherwise. In fact, a cursory view of our workforce, as well as our expansive, multi-cultural Customer base, is a reliable indicator that we exalt and appreciate diversity. I assure you that Southwest Airlines strictly prohibits discrimination in any form. Indeed, we want and solicit business from anyone who is kind enough to give it to us.

With that in mind, all Customers (age two or over) are required to wear a mask when traveling with us per the federal mask mandate. Refusing to wear a mask is a violation of federal law and may result in penalties under federal law. As such, our Employees have been directed on how to address Customers not properly wearing their mask, in addition to reminding Customers to replace their mask after eating, drinking, or taking medicine (and between bites and sips).

That said, we realize that there’s more than one way to communicate and ensure compliance and, as mentioned above, we expect our Employees to be kind and professional, including when addressing these situations. We regret your disappointment in this regard. Please know your concerns have been taken to heart and your feedback has been made available to our Senior Leaders. 

Your business is important to us, and we hope to share the skies with you again soon. It will always be our privilege to welcome you onboard anytime you grant us that opportunity.

Southwest Airlines

(My response to her.)
You are not listening.  I am a national as per affidavit on file with Blinken at the Department of State.  Even if wearing a mask was a federal law, I am outside that jurisdiction.  Your staff needs to get educated and stop harassing liberated humans who actually breath air.

4/18/2022 added

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