Thursday, November 18, 2021

Manipulate Those Who Refuse “the” $hot


Read the propaganda being given to those who have received the $hot.

Many things stand out.  First, we have the response, “Aren’t they admitting the shot does nothing if we have to get it for it to work?” but they do not realize this.  

Second, they are suckering you into a conversation with false empathy and not realizing that their evil masters are requiring them to do an action from the wrong heart, which makes their masters suspect.  “Hmm,” they have the opportunity to realize.  “Does Truth need to be given from the wrong heart?  No.”  

Also, let us recognize how they think they truly know their masters. To quote the article, “What do they want? For themselves, for their loved ones, for their country, for the world? Chances are, this is where you can find common ground.”  Ah, no.  Because we know agents of the government have masters themselves with an Agenda and that many agents and masters are not human.  Those who willingly pulled up their sleeves think a warm, cuddly parent wants to support them and the health of all involved.  I bet if we started answering those questions, all the fake empathy would go out the window and the reactionary—the fearful and shotted up—will leave the relationship, whatever kind it was.  “I want the right to choose my healthcare and practitioners for myself.  I want to use my education on global matters, Big Pharma, and other healthcare modalities that are right for me at this time.  For my country, as you call it, and for the world, I want body autonomy and self-determination for all.  I would also like it if humans would not receive biowarfare known as vaccines.  You asked me what I want so I have to say that.  I want all damons, that means those who are out for self-gain at the determent of others, to get out of office.  Actually, it would be nice if they left any position of power.  I would love it if people, especially the implanted and mind-controlled such as you, could truly see what they are, those agents of the government.

Next, how is me having to have a shot so you feel safe, and my not being able to keep my job unless I have that shot free from coercion?  Man, the shotted up really need to stand back and see how they are being manipulated into manipulating.  They are being used as a tool.  How is being used free from coercion?

Lastly, the bottom line is no natural, contagious virus has ever been isolated and this Wag the Dog Psy-op was put into place to scare people such as those who quickly lined up for the shot in order TO TAKE (seeming) FREEDOMS away from all and the shotted up are being manipulated into thinking something else is happening.  You gotta love, “And actually, I'm in favor of vaccination because I think it will give us all more freedom.”  This mind-controlled slave has no idea that liberty is a Right and no-one may bargain it away from you.  Privileges, which your masters will allow you if you do this, that and the other thing can be taken away at any time.  And Mr. Shotted Up, believe me, they will change the goal posts.  They lust after the power you are giving them to mistreat and to kill you.

Peter and Howard, there is no respect in a relationship where you are only entering into a conversation with that person to specifically change their mind.  That is not communing with someone.  That is manipulation.  Doing the devil’s work never has respect in it.

Let me inform you as I have to Daniel Andrews, Gavin Newsome, contact tracers and others, to AI (artificial intelligence and alien intelligence), you are as the “Indian Police.”  After you help by imprisoning, killing, trapping humans, you will be placed on the train, too! 


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