Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flower Essences for Balancing

“It is not the lack of opportunity, but our own inner coding that is somehow to blame for all our woes…Who will be able to remove it and how – this mysterious coding for hopelessness?”
-Who Are We by Vladimir Megre

According to Machaelle Small Wright, nature intelligences co-created the Perelandra FlowerEssences with her in order to help balance the electrical network of the human body. Whether the body’s electrical system becomes “short-circuited” or overloaded, it affects the central nervous system (CNS). The correct individual servings, or uses in combination of Perelandra Flower Essences, target the electrical system and the CNS, bringing balance and halting the spiraling effect that can eventually become a symptom, such as a cold or something more serious.

Perelandra is an unusual garden in Virginia. Its founder, Machaelle Small Wright, wanted to set up a research project in the form of a garden. Among the garden’s unique features: there are absolutely no insect repellents employed, either organic or chemical; nature intelligence are called on to help guide, protect and infuse the garden with harmony; and the minerals, plants, and animals (insects included) work harmoniously with one another to ensure that they may all thrive undaunted and unharmed.

What are the advantages of making flower essences from the plants instead of simply eating the well-balanced vegetables? Plants in the form of flower essences may have the ability to drastically reduce an unwell person’s recovery time. Also, when a person is working on expansion and being more multidimensional (fine tuning intuition and the like), the flower essences aid the CNS in functioning in broader ways. Another reason to use flower essences is that human bodies are working overtime, coping in an environment that challenges on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The energetic imprint that occurs with a drop of flower essences subtly adjusts the imbalances. With nature intelligence behind each bottle, flower essences can be used to provide answers to new patterns of disharmony, possibly before scientists have even recognized a problem.

The Perelandra Essences Guide says, “An organism cannot be in balance and at the same time be in need of healing.” Yet the idea of balance and healing traverses far more territory, it also addresses the very nature of organisms working and living together. For example, viruses, bacteria, fungus and humans could live together in a state of health.
When the human body is “off” or “under the weather,” which could be caused by a minor electrical system imbalance or too many gall stones laden with prolific amounts of viruses and bacteria, microorganisms replicate into abnormal numbers, causing further imbalance. The Perelandra Flower Essences do not intend to wipe out communities of pathogens but work through establishing a harmonious, gentle, loving environment.

How do plants become flower essences in a bottle? Individual flowers, like a rose for instance, are picked in the morning, just as the flower is on the verge of opening fully. It is then placed in a glass bowl of water and set out in full sunlight. Each plant infuses its personal imprint, an antidote for a specific stress response, into the water. After the plant part itself is removed, the essence is preserved in brandy.

Nature intelligence guided Small Wright in writing definitions for each bottle as a starting point for those interested in what the particular flower essence can do for them. Yarrow Essence stands ready to aid with protection against outside influences when a person is feeling vulnerable. Sobopla can help with the human’s soul and body’s relationship with Earth. Zinnia, as it says in the booklet, “restores the individual’s sense of playfulness, laughter and joy.”
The flower essences may be used in balancing treatments involving a physical body, a recently departed spirit, and in land clearings.

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