Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Crazy-Ass Legislation

I have not received my Georg Gordon Common Law materials, yet.  (And when I do, I am not to speak about it.  All I can do is show you my experiences.) In the meantime, I listened to this.  I like that Kirk gives you something to do should you get summoned to the de facto court.  You file a Notice of Special Appearance objecting to the personal jurisdiction.  Next, file a Demand for proof of jurisdiction and for the case to be dismissed if not proven.  In this instance, jurisdiction is not proved through you not being in the system.  The lack of jurisdiction is to come from having no man standing against you.  For example, there is no injured party.  And read the (your state) Rules of Procedure for (topic such as Family Court).  The rules may state that UNLESS you require compliance in writing to follow the Rules of Evidence, then all evidence, including heresay, may be admissible.  It reminds me of medical school where I learned that if a woman went in for a hysterectomy, she had to state do not take appendix and list things she wanted to keep.  Crazy!!!  But the legal and medical systems were made by opponents to mankind. Just listen:


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