Sunday, June 5, 2022

Slaves Unite to Liberate America

John Benson wrote the United Slaves of America and had it published in 1994.  Information in this book is good now as it would have been back then.  On taxes being voluntary, one needs to tread carefully.  If you receive a notice saying, "Our records show...." and "you have not filed...", state on the paper, "I timely object to your proposed contract."  You see, if you answer their question about why you did not file, you just entered into a contract with them from their point of view.  Since taxes are their main way of making you their slave, tread very carefully when choosing to not pay.  If you have a social security number and a driver's license, from their point of view, you are the legal fiction, Mr. Anderson, as I call it, or an artificial person as they call it. 

From Kirk, I am learning how to file papers (or use some of the words on paper within my documents to them...the opponents to mankind...).  You can hand all kinds of documents in rebutting legislation using lawful documents so that they can become a part of the court Record and use them when in a physical court.  You have two ways of stating jurisdiction.  This is one.  With this step, you are stating that the state's words on paper do not supersede the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Virginia Declaration of Rights, and most importantly, Natural Rights.  You also may file a challenge to health departments or such if the subject matter revolves around masks, $hots, the PCR tool or the like. You also may file to bring in your state's attorney general's and Secretary of State Blinken's administrative files with your documents of status correction in. You will also want to bring file numbers related to Presumptive Notices that you have filed with the district court into paperwork filed for this court date. That is all done before the court convenes.  

Then when you are there, you can go for the jurisdiction as far as making the area common law and that you are a state Citizen/US National with words and actions other than using those words. (Our opponent has made key words set the court off. Sovereign, tax protestor, healthy, exemption, patriot, Constitution are just some words to avoid.)

Kirk's lesson are really helpful.  Back in 2019, I too thought that since the 14th Amendment had not been ratified that it was a fraud.  But customs and usage have made it a staple in our society.  Do not waste energy on that.

In California, we have many representatives of mankind fighting for mankind in a variety of ways.  I prefer the Presumptive Notice because it is faster and efficient.  Here is what is happening as the slaves unite to take America from the clutches of Draco, artificial intelligence, and other aliens. 

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