Friday, June 17, 2022

Nurturing Magic Beans


Magic Beans are synonymous with steps to take to get out of serfdom, being a bondservant as US Citizens are today.  Some of those steps are seen as the end-all-be-all, such as, “Get your affidavit in declaring you are a National, not under the 14th Amendment, with the Secretary of State and you are free!”  Others say that, through experience because they travel as they like and bury their dead in the backyard without authorities interfering, that the magic bean is to get rid of, rescind, the social security account.

These words on paper are from one wishing to broadcast that they do not relinquish any Rights.  Officials seem to be under the impression that those of mankind are to do as they—the officials—command, that US Citizens are no better than bondservants.  Officials don’t care that the Fourteenth Amendment was never ratified, they use it to bring all Genetic humans down to the level of the slaves…and just looking around at how easily the officials masked and injected Genetic humans since 2020 proves that they are pretending that amendment is authentic, even though many know better.  Because officials pretend it’s true, we can claim we are not under it. (I’m stating that I don’t want to play with what I think of as an imaginary friend to the youngster who sees a true friend there.)

Let’s talk about mentioning the Fourteen Amendment being acknowledged by those desiring to make it known that they don’t want to be under it.  Someone can inform another that he does not acknowledge Scriptures and is not under them.  That does not mean he’s saying that they are real.  It’s simply clarifying to someone who does think they are real.  I don’t believe Germ Theory is a natural, contagious pathogen is in the air.  It’s a psy-op for Western Medicine to have the power it has demonstrated since the 1990’s.  Because I can communicate that I don’t believe in it doesn’t mean I am saying it’s real.  I am using something that is very real to whom I'm speaking.  Clarity.  

Pinky-Rose is my personal Magic Bean to get out from under the control in these times.  It’s Natural Law that I get to choose my own defense.  I choose to see Source hiding within Genetic humans and demanding that Space Be for us.  If aggression comes and I choose a firearm, then that is my choice.  If a Genetic human or otherwise chooses to not respect Life, Liberty, Property, including Rights, then I may choose my response.  I don’t need to be parented, especially by a low-frequency nasty thing such as an official.  I may choose the defense I wish as my magic bean.

Responsibility with magic beans is to learn the ins-and-outs of the opponent’s course.  Learn what papers to file before a court date and learn the language to use to make the court real and not what the opponents want it to be.  Know the seven things you need to do in order to have the case go to the Supreme Court.  When a Genetic human is defeated, there was something they didn’t know.  To start with, if they hired a lawyer, then they admitted they were incompetent and lost before they began. It’s outside the affidavit and the lack of a social security number. You have the ability to learn and to become wise through experience.  Experience is a magic bean.

Others may not understand why my magic beans look as they do.  Some of this group may tease that nothing will assist me in getting out from under the officials’ control.  I can tell you one thing.  If you don’t do anything and invest in no magic beans, then you are stuck in servitude and content with being parented…or can only see violence as a way out.,-Law-and-the--Private-Domain--Clint-talks-with-Beth-Martens:a

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