Monday, June 6, 2022

Don’t Send in Certificate of Naturalization

 Applying for a passport soon and you were a US Citizen who was naturalized?  Well, thanks to a caller, Daniel, over at Radio Ranch, we have learned that you don’t need to part with your naturalization certificate.  You have to admit, if you are like me and have had a whole box of precious books that were sent through the USPS that never made it, that it’s a little nerve-wracking to have such a valuable document traveling through the post.  Well, now we know we don’t have to. Yay!  You can get your hands on an authenticated copy of True Naturalization Certificate.  Here’s how:

·       Call to make an appointment with your local immigration office.  (See See “Copy of a certificate of Naturalization” or “copy of True Certificate of Naturalization.)  Ask what documents you need to take in

·       Go in physically to appointment leaving at least two hours

·       You leave with a cover letter and the authenticated copy.  Mail both in lieu of your Naturalization certificate


Now, Daniel joked about “subject: and name” on his paperwork that he received.  I do think it’s a stretch to think that they are calling you a subject over using the word as in subject matter, but it’s always good to be aware of their word games. 😊

Daniel speaks at about 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

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