Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Program for the Tax-Denier


Dear Tax-Denier, Patriot, US National,

How can I put this gently?  I can’t.  Here goes.

You know how that other group, you know the one…the group made up of individuals that are three jabs in and still stand there shaking in their boots, mesmerized by screens (computer, TV, phone, etc.), scared to allow their breathing holes to be open to the air because the air might kill them? Well, the controller of humanity figured how they thrive on victimhood and martyrdom and uses these against these humans.  They are under a spell.  The goal is to catch as many other humans as possible within that net.  The controllers have been permitted to place anything vile in those vials and they do.  They may offer auto-immune dis-easments to make what’s left of someone’s life pure struggle.  They may kill a few here and there.  Meanwhile, some Draco is having an erection while observing a mother suffocating her young child as she bullies a mask on his face.  Ok.  Enough on the conquering of that other group.  I’m certain you see all of that clearly.  What you are challenged in seeing is what they do to you.

The group made up of individuals that were of a frequency to rise above the spell…the group made up of individuals who didn’t give Power away, who stood firmly against the obvious tyranny and blatant signal that mankind is controlled by a nefarious source, who affirmed that they were no bondservants under the Fourteenth Amendment, though illegally put into place by a usurped Congress…Well, the controller of mankind figured out how they (Tax-Denier, Patriot, US National) thrive on rushing into battle, how sound-bites can impulse them into careless action, and uses these against mankind.  They are trusting of any representative seemingly of mankind. The goal is to catch as many other individuals of mankind as possible within that net. The controllers have infiltrated all positions of authority (judges, lawyers, police, doctors, teachers, politicians) with their puppets in order to make it next to impossible for mankind to be liberated. They will murder and imprison as many as possible, but mostly use them as examples in their scripts called the news, along with fake representatives of mankind (actors) in order to sully mankind’s position.  Meanwhile, some Draco is having an erection watching a grandmother informing a police officer that she is not involved in commerce, but a traveler…

The Tax-Denier, Patriot, US National is shown Supreme Court case after case to justify the words they use when taking a stand.  What they don’t often tell you is that simply words have been pulled out of the cases when what’s important is the judge’s summation.  Let’s look at a case that is circulating within the community of mankind.


The Sixteenth Amendment is used as an argument as to why direct non-apportioned taxes are not authorized, yet courts have upheld the Constitutionality of the federal income tax.


“…they all charge a repugnancy of the statute to the 16th Amendment, under the more immediate sanction of which the statute was adopted.

“So far as these numerous and minute, not to say in many respects hypercritical, contentions are based upon an assumed violation of the uniformity clause, their want of legal merit is at once apparent, since it is settled that that clause exacts only a geographical uniformity, and there is not a semblance of ground in any of the propositions for assuming that a violation of such uniformity is complained of.

“So far as the due process clause of the 5th Amendment is relied upon, it suffices to say that there is no basis for such reliance, since it is equally well settled that such clause is not a limitation upon the taxing power conferred upon Congress by the Constitution; in other words, that the Constitution does not conflict with itself by conferring, upon the one hand, a taxing power, and taking the same power away, on the other, by the limitations of the due process clause.”

“We cannot escape the conclusion that they all rest upon the mistaken theory that although there be differences between the subjects taxed, to differently tax them transcends the limit of taxation and amounts to a want of due process, and that where a tax levied is believed by one who resists its enforcement to be wanting in wisdom and to operate injustice, from that fact in the nature of things there arises a want of due process of law and a resulting authority in the judiciary to exceed its powers and correct what is assumed to be mistaken or unwise exertions by the legislative authority of its lawful powers, even although there be no semblance of warrant in the Constitution for so doing.

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