Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Confusion Virus


Many occurrences within the Genetic human and many attacks on mankind are disguised through the use of the word virus.  The average Joe has a picture in his mind when he hears “virus” and it serves to program beliefs into a person’s brain, as well as to establish utter confusion.  Both will keep mankind off balance.

The Military/Science/Government/human/non-human faction and independent “aliens,” spacefarers with technology surpassing the limits that we think we have here on 3D Earth, have “lab-made” technology that we think of as a virus.  This is technology that attaches to a healthy cell and starts downloading its information.  I grew up hearing that viruses are not alive, that they attach themselves to cells, take over and good riddance to that healthy cell.  You better have a $hot to prevent that virus from killing or taking over that cell or else.  This lab-made, highly sophisticated “virus” will do what it’s programmed to do.  Is this spacefarer who is “operating” on your Physical body there with your permission (from a higher level) and is this an upgrade to assist you in becoming a light-bearer human? Is this the Military/Science/Government/human/non-human faction out to harm your Physical body in order to murder you because you inform others of goings on? Or is this an attack to make a “sick” example to bring on the solution of forced, mass vaccinations?  Each lab-made virus, even something from Nature that may not be naturally occurring to Earth, has a path it will follow within your cells.  Each “doctor” administrating it will have an Intention behind the “injection” of matter into you.  This is virus #1, the attach to & attack (or upgrade) cells model.

The average everyday Genetic human naturally experiences an internal “workings” for balance.  Looking at just one cell, but understanding that this is a systemic situation, we will see another kind of “virus.”  Whether a chimpanzee just kidnapped for “science” or a human who is grief-stricken, parties too much, eats a diet that lacks nutrition, or leads a sedentary life, the body will respond in order to establish balance.  I call an imbalanced cell one that is seeking the Sound of Self once again. A byproduct of this process is the “virus.”  Aajonus Vonderplanitz called it soap.  This is a record of your past experiences just like tree rings may show drought, flooding, and even a tree’s inability to take water in under normal external circumstances.  We have tree rings, too: viruses.  These viruses are not contagious. Some kind of cycle may be present within a household where many will display external proof of cells seeking balance, i.e. the common cold.  This may have to do with far more than that they simply eat the same diet, have the same perpetrator within the home, or the same reaction to stresses due to common approaches (or lack of helpful approaches) to school, work, or relationships, for example.  

This virus comes from our inner workings so they are natural to us, but two things may happen.  1) A body gets clogged up with debris.  This Genetic human is not cleansing nor offering the water, nutrition, rest, or activity needed to get things moving.  (I feel the “record” of this byproduct can remain for some amazing scientist to read, but that we can make the internal environment free-flowing anyway.) 2) Many viruses accumulate because the attempt to stand in alignment with the Sound of Self is failing due to the actions and inactions of the individual.  Perhaps they are receiving many $hots, harming the cells, and they just cannot get out from under the attack, thus producing more byproduct.  Soon the cell becomes cancerous.  Perhaps auto-immune dis-easement occurs.  Scientists note all the viruses present and claim that the viruses caused the cancer!  Well, they better hurry and make a vaccine for cancer prevention (HPV $hot, enter stage right), despite 13.1 on inserts that warn about how these vaccines may cause cancer.  Here is actually virus #2, the natural byproduct to a cell’s attempt for balance and #3, the virus that is lab-made because it’s an attack to make the cell become imbalanced.

Virus #4 would be anything called a parasite, whether natural (maybe not to Earth) or lab-made, that infiltrates cells and takes over. This that is called parasite is not from Earth's microzymas.  It is not a living entity from Source.

Now for virus # 5, the colorful graphic that infests TV, phone, and computer screens via the news, memes and the like.  There is no “virus” at all.  It is simply propaganda for fear and control.  Notice that the receptors on healthy cells sometimes don't even fit with the “virus,” because lay people will be too terrified by the image to stop and think.  They will also miss that true slides of byproduct will not be in color.

Because The Military/Science/Government/human/non-human faction have called various lab-made attacks and natural occurrences to Genetic humans the same word, they can control and scare you with ease.  Thus, all viruses have become the confusion virus.


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