Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Mankind vs. Humanity


A representative of mankind is that bloke who is in somewhat alignment with the Sound of Self.  This could be interpreted as that the bloke’s Causal body (the original ego spoken of before Freud) is getting through with prompts and messages to at least some degree.  During the Sand Creek Massacre on November 29, 1864, the representative to mankind was Captain Silas Soule of Company D, 1st Colorado Calvary, when he refused an order to participate in the carnage and held his men back. 

A representative of humanity is that bloke that is animalistic and out of touch with his MultiSelf.  When “animalistic” is mentioned, eating with hands is not what is intented as a visual.  Think of the male and female cats.  They have a culture that is followed.  The girl will present her backside to his face, perhaps tio announce that she is not one with whom to fight.  When feeding, the male takes what he wants, pushing the female out of the way.  Even if fixed, he will “have his way with her” as his desires dictate.  Fear may leave him scarred and jumpy and a reactionary.  The Methodist pastor, Colonel Chivington, who gave the order for the slaughter and dismemberment of those sleeping in camp where they had been instructed to camp is a representative of humanity.  Any soldier or officer that abuses their power to rape, pillage, and murder is a representative of humanity.  (Search New Orleans Police Officers rape innocent women after Katrina and the official records of the War of Northern Aggression for truths documented by the North of the autrocities they committed on black and white targets.)

I hear many say that the only two things to do when you come face to face with an evil-doer is to walk away or kill them.  They scream at the tops of their lungs for those opponents of bipeds to be hung or imprisoned.  They hope for karma to come and get them.  They hope the poisons that come from planes and drones intended to harm bipeds somehow burns them and makes them suffer.  I look at audiences of TV, other screens, and live entertainment being placed under a spell and think….Human!  This is humanity and it vibrates at a low frequency.  As a collective group, the risk is that it will bring the whole frequency of bipeds down, along with Earth itself.

I witness a few who understand and know many choices exists when coming face to face with evil-doers.  If this be a breathing biped before you, it came from Source.  The love, the Pinky-Rose will be within even if buried in a chest and chained closed.  In relating with that Love, the experience of this one with you will change, or the human or whatever it is will leave.  Contracts are a real tool and one may remind the human or whatever it is that they will be entering into such a contract should they do this, this, this.  Yes, walking away is also an option.   Wishing harm does not enter the consciousness.  When this one sees the sticky mess in the skies, Violet Cubes of Light, or some other tool is harnessed in order to transmute the intended harm to bipeds into blessings for all lifestreams.  The audiences to TV, other screens, and live entertainment recognize the disclosure and warnings of plans to come.  I witness all of this and think…Mankind!  This is mankind and it vibrates at a high frequency.  As a collective group, the possibility is that it will bring the whole frequency of bipeds up, along with Earth itself.

A representative of humanity was Abe Lincoln.


School did not teach from the official records. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362603663445


The audience is humanity.  Me observing how easy it is to show a mask, even live, is mankind.  What are you really seeing on your screen?  Is Biden really what you think he is?  Did AGT disclose to the world that nothing you see on a screen is what you think it is?


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