Saturday, October 10, 2020

Commercial Scientists

 [A commercial scientist is a scientist who has signed a contract with his or her funder where all information discovered is controlled by that boss.  If the opposite of what was being tested comes out as the truth again and again, many are forced to “try” to make the hypothesis turn out true, so that can be presented to the public.  Nothing discovered is permitted to be freely discussed.  In a sense, the commercial scientist has not only sold their soul, but sold out humanity.  These are the white-coated-gods, the puppet of their funder, who teach and indoctrinate the medical white-coated-gods .  True scientists are belittled, attacked, arrested, murdered, and made to be seen as frauds.

Community scientists have been around at least sine 1850 when one good guy, caring dentist tried to raise the alarm about mercury fillings and was silenced by them.  Those with an agenda managed to drown out his alarm and as a result, thanks to dental fillings poisoning the water supply, mercury has become an environmental hazard, as well as dangerous as a filling.

Pasteur was promoted over Bechamp because his message could gain followers of the religion known as Western Medicine, especially because of Germ Theory, which victimized and crippled humanity.

It is time to discriminate between the commercial scientist promoting an agenda, and the true scientist discovering in order to support humanity.

now, go.  Anchor the Light. Hwa!]  

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