Saturday, October 3, 2020

Fungus Lung Trust

 [So, how are you enjoying being an experiment? What kind of fungus is brewing in your lungs?

At least half the population of Earth has entered into this mask-wearing experiment.

Your controllers know about terrain being everything in creating or destroying health.

They know that the vile ingredients in the vials that are injected into you and masks will harm your terrain.

They will call your fungus and vaccine injuries covid.

You will feel so proud and righteous that you were correct and that the covid was out there, after all.

Would you rather be right, or safe? Would you rather be right or healthy?...Would you rather be right, or human?

You see, artificial intelligence liquid exists. Do you really trust the governments that obviously don't care about you (by the legislation that they write) to not place anything that would turn you into artificial intelligence into something that gets injected into you? 

Could there be a possibility that a fungus-terrain lung might support and work in conjunction with something that's in that vaccine?

Man, that's a whole lot of trust!

It's not too late. Research masks. Research vaccines. Research Germ Theory and Bechamp.

And go. Anchor the Light. Hwa!]

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