Sunday, September 13, 2020

Confirmed Cases


All through this plandemic, we have had commercial scientists and corporations like the CDC informing us of how many confirmed cases there are of covid-19 and how many deaths there are of people who died from covid-19, yet they've never isolated a virus. They have a graphic that is loosely based on a mine, and it's very colorful and they call it covid-19. But they've never isolated anything outside of the artistic realm.

I shudder to think what life outside of 3D Earth thinks about us. We must look like special ed kids to them. I would imagine the so-called good guys would be caring and supportive and loving in response just like we would to a child who wasn't functioning the same as the average person functions. Then there would be the so-called bad guys who would take advantage of our lack of cognitive function or whatever it is that they're noticing about us.

It is amazing to me how easily humanity have been so openly imprisoned and enslaved and with permission from those humans. Guys, no virus has been isolated. There are two tests that supposedly test for covid-19. One of them, the PCR test, finds your chromosome 8 and can spin it to make it a lot and then say you're positive. If you happen to have a lot of that chromosome 8, it means you're intelligent or that you have really good capabilities for fighting cancer. The other test finds antibodies supposedly of this covid-19. Now with antibodies in general, the scientific world cannot agree if antibodies means you have protection or if it means you have an active infection. Some of them even think sometimes antibodies means this where as other times it means that. There's no consensus! So how can that test be accurate at finding this supposed covid-19?

Then there's a corporation known as the CDC which went and told doctors the world over at the very beginning to go ahead and call anything covid-19 that they assume is covid-19. I can tell you, that is not how you're supposed to diagnose somebody. You may have a differential diagnosis that says oh this person may have diabetes because they've got this this this and this, but you don't just assume it. You prove it to yourself. But, how can anyone be certain that someone has covid-19 when nothing has been identified! Nothing has been isolated.

It's pretty obvious that the biowarfare that they gave themselves permission to work on which involved engineered SARS and engineered HIV and a couple of other little goodies that they knew about along with things they didn't know about because they were working with animal viruses seen and unseen.  This is the covid-19 that was injected into people through vaccines. It would have certain markers about it. You would be able to identify that this human was murdered or made sick by that product that was engineered in a lab. You would even be able to say that it goes back to Fort Detrick in the USA or that it goes back to Wuhan in China. The scientist who gets that information would never release it! So this kind of covid-19, you can call a vaccine injury. And you're perfectly safe from it if you don't go out and let them shoot you up with something.

There are about four viruses that are classified as coronavirus, the common cold. But the scientists who are not having their arm held behind their back in a painful position by Big Pharma are not being heard by you. There are a whole bunch of scientists out there from Aajonus Vonderplanitz to Dr. Kaufman who are trying to get you to understand that when your cell is imbalanced, a by product is made in the process of trying for balance. Some people are calling that an exosome. Aajonus called it soap. I call it a byproduct. When you are sick, it means that you did things to yourself that your body didn't like. It means you need to rest. It means you need to eat better. It means you need to do something with those feelings and stop being so angry. It's your body talking to you and what it's saying to you is for you only. What my body says to me is for me only. Viruses are part of your immune system. Do you really think Big Pharma and the government want you to know that? Do you really think that they could control you if you knew that?

Though we do not have any confirmed cases of covid-19 because of nothing being isolated, we do have confirmed cases of gullibility, programmability, and stupidity.

The social credit system which is a part of ID 2020 is being brought in right under your nose and it's happening because you were manipulated into fear.  It's happening because you believe those tyrants ruling over you have your best interest at heart.  If they cared about you, different technology would have been utilized for cell phones than present day 4G/5G towers and Wi-Fi. If your governments (which is government since the NWO is here) cared about you, they never would have engaged in nuclear plants.  They wouldn't have made legislation that gives them permission to experiment on you.  They wouldn't have made Section 704 of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996.  They wouldn't have made legislation saying that you can't hold a pharmaceutical company liable when their vaccine harms or kills the one who received it.  They wouldn't keep true science from you and try to hide Bechamp's work from you.  They wouldn't closely control what doctors can learn and try to snuff the desire to think for themselves out of them.

Standing six feet apart from each other, healthy people being in lockdown, and wearing masks have never been proven safe, effective, or necessary. They are just like vaccines. You may think that you're totally awesome because you're doing what you're told to do and you're helping your fellow neighbor to be safe. Do you know what you're helping your fellow neighbor to do by complying with all this BS? You're helping to enslave humanity even more and to help an artificial intelligence prison planet come online.

What we have are confirmed cases of the easily manipulated.

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