Saturday, September 5, 2020

Truth Withheld


A virus is part of your immune system.  Do you think that any scientists who have signed a contract with a pharmaceutical company can inform the public of that?  Do you think the government can control you if you know that?  Do you think Big Pharma can profit if the average Joe knows that?

If you’ve had a job with any huge company, then surely you acknowledge truths withheld from those outside.  Anything let loose to the public is carefully designed or screened, depending if any truth is released at all.

Teachers, AI can’t take over for you if you are physically in the classroom.  Yes, this is part of the slow plan, but they have many rods in the fire.  If things go quickly, they won’t need this.  If they hijack the minds and souls of most individuals, then they don’t need the slow training…as actually has been happening since the 1850’s with schools in general.

Covid-19 is a psy-op.  It used the media, commercial scientists, a talented graphic artist, the alphabet soups (corporations such as the CDC), and the governments of the world (The NOW).

Go find the truth that is being withheld from you.  It is not out of reach.


This is a “history” of what is happening in CA.  Just so you know my stance on a topic that was briefly mentioned, I do believe in same sex marriages.  I think while we are on Earth no matter whether our body is a casket for our Light, or something we can take with us, depending on frequency, life here offers opportunities to experience love or fear in multiple ways.

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