Sunday, October 25, 2020

"Wag the Dog" Psy-op

[Wag the Dog is a movie that shows behind the scenes clean up work of those around officials. They created a country and a war and a hero and a complete distraction away from what the president was caught doing. They ended it with killing the producer of the production; killing the one who knew too much and wanted to tell. Hmmm. The maker of the PCR process who said it is not a test died October 18, 2019 just before the criminals-that-believe-they-be went live with their "Wag the Dog" Psyop.

Plandemic 2020 or Coronafraudus are two appropriate names for the psy-op that has been committed on humanity since March 2020.  But let's face it.  They got away with it because of what humans don't know...namely, that Germ Theory was a subliminal, not a real thing...and because humans would not turn off their TV's, cell phones, or computers.  Humans allowed the "news" to program them.  Alongside the programming via the media and devices themselves, Big Pharma's white-coated gods were in obedience.  The few with their souls left, jobless for going against their contracts to obey.  Those who stayed, murdered through placing people on ventilators who did not need them.  They lied by writing "Covid" on death certificates when no pathogen has been isolated, with the CDC's permission.  

No bug in the air has been isolated!  "Wag the Dog" Psy-op repeats again and again that there is a pandemic when no bug in the air has been isolated!

Further, the engineered virus in the vaccines can kill and harm and it is around, but hey, if anything, it will be called the Covid because of the "Wag the Dog Psy-op that we are experiencing.]

[The same programming was used on the masked that was used on the vaccinated. For example, the vaccinated were told that they get the vaccines to protect the herd, other people. The masked have been programmed to believe that they are wearing a mask to protect others. Both groups look at the unmasked and non-vaccinated as inconsiderate and harming other people.

Both have absolutely no proof of statement behind them.
Mask-wearing has never been tested on the public at large until now in this experiment.
The extreme numbers of vaccines given to humanity has never happened prior to this experiment that started increasing around the 1980's. The vaccinated are the experiment.
Big Pharma needs you following the religion Germ Theory in order to get you to buy into the "Wag the Dog" Psy-op, which came on full blast in March 2020.
In the 1918-1921 time period, they tried the mask and vaccine program with the same line about healthy people possibly contaminating others.
Bechamp was a true scientist and I have experimented with his ideas which have proven true.
You need oxygen. You do not need a diaper on your face.
AI knows that humans love to be heroes and can be manipulated through making them think they are pious and saving humanity.
AI wants you.]

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