Thursday, October 8, 2020

Humanity is the Synonym for Insanity

“Humanity” is the synonym for insanity when we are discussing Earth humans—Terrestrial humans.  Understand that the year 2020 was simply related to the way rulers of the world decided to mark “time,” with the slaves complying.  Nevertheless, humans allowed 2020 to be the year of their open imprisonment through complying with lockdowns, mask-wearing, distancing themselves from others (on the rare occasions of getting out of their jails), being “tested” and tracked, and vaccinated.  It was of no importance to humanity that none of these practices were proven safe, effective, nor necessary. 

       It did not matter that studies involving nurses and surgeons disproving effectiveness of masks were available and that no studies on the general population wearing masks was available.

 Humanity was not concerned by the corporation for profit, the CDC, giving doctors permission to label any presentation from a human as covid, provided the doctor simply assumed it so when diagnosis has nothing to do with assuming beyond differential diagnoses while weeding out definite no’s.  Humanity turned a blind-eye to the murders of individuals in hospitals who did not need ventilators as per nurse accounts and the fact that doctors were labeling humans “covid” because they “assumed” without proof, since no pathogen had ever been isolated.

Humanity did not care that the PCR was a way to spin something more out of little and was being used to test an individual for a name only, “covid,” when no pathogen had been isolated. 

Humanity was ignorant to the fact that “coronavirus” is a label for one isolation that has been known as the common cold.  They do not question why two names are used for a colored graphic that commercial scientists have related to a boogeyman in the air that has not been isolated.

  Humanity is uninterested in disliking lab-engineered viruses to be injected without true reason, other than to commit crimes on said humanity.  They do not wish to know about the tortured animals that in response have a byproduct called viruses that were harvested by the commercial scientists and then changed, weaponized to be delivered through a vile.  In fact, humanity think so little of their bodies and inner power that they pull up their sleeves and welcome the engineered viruses, some even pay money for it and have the same done to their children and pets.  Of course, they inform friends to do the same in order to keep humanity safe, because that is the program that is to be followed. 

Humanity were ignorant to the religion of Germ Theory and Western Medicine in general. 

Humans were ignorant to truths, such as that an individual’s inner terrain decides health and dis-ease ratios, not the condition of another’s inner terrain.  Humans were convinced to fear other humans as well as the very air they breathed.  Humans did not notice the same programs used and reused against them and permitted fear and Astral body manipulations.  “Get vaccinated to protect others” did not go out of style yet was revamped with “Wear a mask to protect others,” and “Stay home to protect others,” all the while humans did not ask for proof of such outlandish statements.

It is not 2020 that needs a reset.  It is humanity.  Humanity needs to start to read old books and newspapers to recall or to learn for the first time about the propaganda and programs that have been used on humanity over and over.  What if your physical body had the ability to live for 300 years and you were convinced it was only 100 because you are easier to control if you are not noticing all the programs used against humanity over and over?  What if AI is planning to make the successive human think that 40-years-old is the lifespan and wants the breeding of slaves to peek at thirteen…on their way to forgetting what humanity used to be?

Humanity only ever has this moment.  Humanity consistently ignores this moment while blaming other members of humanity for their imprisonment.  Humanity is the synonym for insanity!   



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