Tuesday, March 17, 2020

On Q, the Savior & The Pedophile Elite

[First of all, most of the so-called elite have been tortured and made mind control slaves.  Yes, some of them also torture and have and make mind control slaves, but that's a very efficient machine for you.

Yes, Q may be Trump and JFK, Jr..  Yes, perhaps they are "draining the swamp."  But, Reptilian entities don't just murder their own for no reason and the thing is, if people are being killed for high treason, that is a satisfaction to these entities, but also a sacrifice of sorts to their Satan god.  Therefore, it is wrong.  Two wrongs do not make a right.

Grounders of Light do not condone torture and death, even if that person did it to others.  It is a nice thought, though, to think that the criminals-that-believe-they-be are being arrested.  Below I have many links on this subject.  Know this though, when entities make sacrifices of many loved ones to their Satan god, they are signalling that they want to perform a huge kill in general.  It's kind of like, "Hey, do this for me.  Make it smooth and awesome and I'll offer this to you.  Cool?  Cool.  Great."

Secondly, Terryl Blackstar said many years ago...that when the officials need to get into their bunkers, they will release a pathogen, lock down travel, and go to their bunkers with ease, while we will be sacrificed.  Some may survive the earth changes, possibly to become the so-called elite's slaves.  Most importantly with this... THOSE IN POWER AND CELEBRITIES WHO ARE STEPPING DOWN OR BECOMING ILL MAY BE HEADING FOR A BUNKER.  This adrenochrome taking, though true, may be to satisfy those of us who do not believe they are ill.

Lastly, connect with your Light to see what you need to do at this time.]

Here's some info on Q.



["So let's look at what we've got before us. We've got CEOs all over the world stepping down. In a way Harry and Meghan are also like CEOs who stepped down. Let's not forget that. I'm sure it figures in.
Is it because they know the economy will collapse so that the credit system can be brought in?
Is it because the Black Star or an asteroid is heading for earth and they are all heading for their bunker? Cuz y'all know you and I are not going to be invited to the bunkers. And y'all know that they have technology that we don't have that would inform them of things that we're not being informed about. Y'all know they would want travel to be easy and swift to their bunkers and so they would need us out of the way.
Is it because there truly are arrests that are being made because of crimes against humanity? This one I would doubt, because the people who would be judging these people have also committed crimes against humanity. So who are they to judge? But then, the authorities are awfully hypocritical oh, so maybe it would figure in! They certainly would be able to get us to believe that we could trust them if they went and drained the swamp.
I recommend everybody go within. Whether you meditate or pray, get in touch with Source so that you can see what's going on. If we are as cattle being led down the chute to the slaughter, we also can stop it.
Remember what I posted last week. I said that the authorities have never done anything major for our health. They allowed vaccine makers to be exempt from all liability. They made Section 704 in their Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 which says that it doesn't matter how much their communication devices harm your health or the environment, no one can stop them. I stopped one tower by citing abuse, but when I was citing health I got nowhere!
Color healing was replaced in hospitals because of Big Pharma's influence. It was not because it wasn't a successful healing modality. And I could go on and on and on about other healing modalities that cause no side effects that also cause no profits for certain people.
Do you really think that you are being asked to stay in your home for your own safety?
So we're back to the question about why the CEOs are stepping down and how is it related to us being locked out of our regular lives?]
- [Paget Anne of Essendon]

["On the Cabal documentary, I've found about 85+% on my own. What concerns me is that 15% could be manipulation. Propagandists always put truth mixed in with their deceit. And I am a reptilian and other entity researcher and I find it hard to believe that they would allow anything to happen unless there was a reason. For instance, they might be perfectly happy sacrificing their own because they're about to do a big kill and they like to do a sacrifice of sorts first.

I am a grounder of light and I do believe we are winning, but there is still something going on. They are doing a huge push here.

The part of that series that I'm not comfortable with is execution for high treason. Reptilians love blood sacrifice. Most of those who commit high treason have been terribly abused themselves and are complete mind control slaves themselves. Killing them is not the answer. Killing them is not okay. Shaming them is not okay either. That isn't of the light. We need to ground love and compassion.  
It was a good vid. In it, they discussed McCain's high treason. Cancer is a weapon, esp. when they add radiation.

I read elsewhere that suicide or execution would be options for those arrested. Again, may or may not be true."]

-[Paget Anne of Essendon]

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