Saturday, August 4, 2012

Free-Ranged Humans

Movies, more than ever before, seem to be giving their audiences insight into the way things are in real life.  Take the movie The Amazing Spiderman, for instance.  First of all, they have a lizard/scientist as the antagonist with a more compassionate human side and a colder reptilian side.  This correlates with David Icke’s and Robert Bruce’s work on situations happening to humans regarding reptiles.  Secondly, the reptile in the movie sprays a formula onto some policemen that will make humans become lizards.  This correlates to the nano-particulates/chem-trails being sprayed onto us in order to change us.  Lastly, the ultimate goal of the lizard/scientist in the movie is for this formula to be sprayed onto the entire human population so they will change into reptiles as well.  After all, from his point of view, being a reptile is better.  This correlates to the elite & scientists who think we will be better off as more non-human than we are presently.  So, The Amazing Spiderman is not only telling us what is happening, but who is helping it to occur.

According to Max Igan, something being sprayed onto us that can alter us is not fiction.  Chem-trails are the visible remnants that have spewed out of planes over populations of humans for years.  Those in control, for example, can decide to rain pertussis onto the population if, say, they have a new TDaP vaccination waiting.  This is child’s play.  It helps with their control of us, while lining their pockets, but, worse than that, those in control can release something that can supposedly change humans into a more robot-like kind of humanoid.  Chem-trails, like the high tower the movie lizard/scientist chose, has the ability to reach many people, not just the ones right in front of him like his first meager attempt with the policemen.

Three films to be found on YouTube that discuss the very real problem of particulates being sprayed onto the population, without the awareness or permission of the people, are Trans-Formation, From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life, and What in the World Are They Spraying?  Powerful and rich groups, along with scientists who agree that this is what is best for humans, or scientists who are programmed and not in full control of their actions, have gone way past the plotting stages of altering humans.  Just like the movie’s antidote, ours starts with recognizing the problem exists.

Information for this article on chem-trails was taken from Max Igan’s movie, Trans-Formation

Please listen to Max discussing chem.-trails, especially if you have never heard of this before.  Note: “Al-u-minium” is “aluminum” for those of you who are not used to hearing Australian.

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life

What in the World Are They Spaying?:

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