Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AB 2109 Manipulation

The National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC) is always searching for pending legislation that interferes with a parent’s right to decide medical directions for their children.  Each state seems to be aware of this fact, for they constantly try to “fly under the radar,” making it too late to be stopped before the NVIC becomes aware of the pending legislation.

This is exactly what happened yesterday.  Like me, I am certain the NVIC has been on the look-out for what happened since the senators voted recently on AB 2109, the legislation that will make it harder to get a waiver for non-vaccinated kids.  Suddenly, the NVIC became aware that AB 2109 was to go before the whole California Senate for a final decision.  This could have happened yesterday.   I do not know for sure.  We had very little time to get our calls in before they were supposedly meeting. 

My question is, why the manipulation?  Why are the legislators so secretive with what they are doing?  The biggest question of all is, since this law will impact California’s citizens, why was this not put on a ballot so we could do the voting?  Many citizens showed up in Sacramento to speak out against this legislation prior to yesterday.  These politicians are bent on not listening to us.  Should we ask them to step down if they are through representing us and instead promoting their own agendas?

If…no, let us be realistic, for it was their plan all along…When AB 2109 passes the senate vote and after it moves on to the governor for his signature, the ball will start rolling to take away all our rights where our children are concerned.  Right now they assure us that this law being in place will not change anything.  They say that we can simply go to any doctor and they will gladly sign a vaccination waiver so our children can attend schools without having been vaccinated.  (Let me point out that right now, it costs me nothing to sign the waiver myself.  If AB 2109 passes, I have to fork out cash to a doctor to get the signature!)  All they want is the opportunity to educate parents on the necessity of vaccinations.  Does this sound realistic to you?  Most parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their kids have done so either after extensive research, like me, or after a vaccine killed or maimed their kid, like quite a few I have come to know.  We do not want a white-coated-god to “educate” us, thank-you very much.  It is a complete conflict of interest, because doctors profit in so many ways from Big Pharma.

AB 499 was the first step in taking away parental rights.  Our Assembly members, senators, and governor saw to it that a twelve-year-old could make certain medical decisions without their parents consent or knowledge.  Now, if AB 2109 is signed into law, parents will eventually run into resistance getting the waiver signed by medical doctors.  For now, we can keep our kids out of school rather than to subject them to the insults of vaccines; but, how long is it until our politicians straight out mandate everyone to receive the shots if they simply reside here?

Could they possibly have another agenda, a really important reason to make sure you and your children receive these shots?  Could there be something in the needle that makes all of this legislation imperative for “the They’s” overall agenda?  Susan Reed, who “accidentally” drowned prior to her book being published, wrote about how the whole world is to be implanted, so as we humans can be electrocuted “via the implant” (Reed, Susan, BSC.  The Body Snatchers: A True Story of Body Snatching by Reptilians A Real Alien Conspiracy.  Frankston: Hidden Mysteries TCS Publishers, 2006, p. 67).  Vaccinations were not the mode of implanting to which Reed referred.  I am simply pointing out that since the 1990’s with Hepatitis B vaccines being given to two day old, non-sexually active, non-drug using babies, definitely an ulterior motive has to be present.  As James Bartley wrote in his book review of Reed’s book, “The Global Elite’s plan to cull the Earth’s human population by at least 80% is a documented fact”
(http://www.whale./b/bartley_reed.html).  An implant that can cause illness or death at the push of a button, or a micro-chip to follow our every move, or some other wacko agenda could be in place.  

 It should be our choice to not allow something into our bodies or into our children’s bodies, especially when we are taking someone’s word on its efficacy and necessity.  Let me also point out that fluoride was put into your water with an ulterior motive as was aspartame into your food and drinks.  Do you really trust the Powers That Be with vaccinations?  Why are they being so manipulative and secretive if they did not really NEED this legislation to pass?

Please start now asking Governor Brown NOT to sign AB 2109 into law.

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