Sunday, December 20, 2020

Be a Worthy Opponent


[So, who is sick or has "a cold?"

The reason I ask this is because I know someone who has been very diligently isolating herself from the public and constantly wears a mask and is sick. In her words, "I have caught a cold."

 "How did you catch this cold if you're not seeing anyone?"

There was a long pause and then she said that it must have just come in through the air.

Listen, you are stressing yourself out by not socializing and mixing microbiome with other people. You are stressing yourself out by wearing a diaper on your face that prevents oxygen levels that you need and is creating an environment for a mycrozyma to grow into a pathogen in your lungs.

When your cells are stressed, they try to rebalance themselves because they are so intelligent. Obviously more intelligent than the average human! At any rate, there is something that is called a virus or an exosome or soap... depending on the scientist who was noticing these pieces, this by product. This is what they have convinced you is a virus that's floating around in the air.

Many doctors and scientists who did not sign a contract with anyone affiliated with Big Pharma have information out there. If you don't wake up now, soon it's going to be even harder.

You are Powerful and you are Light. AI is coming for you. Be a worthy opponent.]

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