Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Russia Accuses US of Lab-tweaked Virus Labs

The c*vid psy-op era was way more than lab-tweaked "viruses" (weapons) injected through any $hot, but doctors sold their souls and wrote "C-19" as a diagnosis because they were told to. Doctors murdered people with intubation when not indicated. The PCR was a forensic tool misused to promote their "lie." EMFs and millimeter waves, 5G and so many other military attacks helped. Then, THE C $hot came on the scene. There's no need for a war 1) stop taking va((ines. 2) connect with Pinky-rose Love. The "evil" ones will either have to change or leave because they won't like you loving them in their current state.



Russia is correct that the US are involved in lab-made weapons. Vac(ines attest to that.
Listen to the following. Watch it.
See what these gods that you trust are up to.
The needle is the best way for them to deliver their weapons.
know that there is no such thing as a live virus, yet, at the ICU, they warn visitors to not enter ICU if they recently had a live virus va(cine (up to six weeks ago), because of "shedding." They have been working for decades to make their lab-tweaked "viruses" transmissible!

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