Sunday, August 6, 2023

On Dane Wigington

I just listened to this man for, I think, the first time.

Know that when I say I'm suspicious of him, it means that I know that those who are an opponent to the MultiSelf have to disclose what they're going to do . They could be using people like this guy to do a little bit of disclosing. In this case, that "weather" is not necessarily natural.

Here are my thoughts:

His tone is very dramatic and urgent. This tone, whether he realizes it or not, elicits an Astral tug, an emotional response, in a listener. This is one thing that makes me suspicious of him.

It is possible to awaken the sleepy masses without drama. We can present to them what's going on and then offer solutions. We also can support them in tapping into their creativity so that their solutions may not look like yours or mine, but could still be effective. Realizing what's going on is important, but it's also important to know that the Genetic human is creative and can have answers. It's important for the Genetic human especially to understand that they are not helpless and that we are not victims. I heard the opposite on this link so it makes me suspicious of him.

He is giving the message that if we don't awaken the sleeping masses, then we're in for it. This is not true. Those who are going to choose to stay at a low frequency and to "trust the science" and to just play on their phones and just allow allow allow, are going to create a different reality. So the message if you are a Genetic human is, "You are a victim and there's nothing that you can do unless there's a savior or unless everybody gets on board or unless unless unless." This makes me suspicious of him.

When you hear the concept about some sort of microorganism that is frozen and it can thaw and now it can devastate lifestreams presently on earth, that is an Astral tug. That is something trying to terrify you. If it is a bacteria or a fungi or something that is living, we can be of a terrain that can make that thing even transmute/change if it comes into my body or my space. Look up Bechamp and his microzimus theory and you'll understand how something will behave like a pathogen if you give it permission. So simply don't give it permission. Now, if they are claiming that there is a virus that is in the frozen tundra and it's going to become alive with melting, you're being lied to. A virus is a history of what a cell experienced and although there could be some kind of genetic debris that's somewhere, it cannot harm you unless it's taken into a lab and made to harm you and then usually it's injected into you. Still, your frequency will give it permission to harm you or not. He spoke of spooky organisms to elicit a fearful response. This makes me suspicious of him.

So most importantly, you can choose to do Violet Cubes of Light and take anything that the opponent to the MultiSelf dishes up and transmute it into whatever is gold for you. Is that Blessings, is it something else? You can do that. You are creative. You do not have to give permission to the tyrants. Then there's the whole aspect of law that you could go and learn about and then learn the legalese and everything that goes on with courtrooms and the clerk's office and learn how to take action. You could learn how to connect the Pinky-rose inside of you with the Pinky-rose inside of who you perceive to be your opponent. If it is not made from Source, you will go to whoever is controlling it who is from Source. You can demand that your experience of that opponent to the MultiSelf is of Love and you can hold that Space and you can bring that opponent to their knees!

You can.

When you are listening to someone, if you feel Astrally tugged into fear or helplessness, to me that's the opponent working through that mouthpiece. Be careful who you listen to. Once you know what's going on, there is no further need to listen to people like this guy. Okay. You know. Got it. Now, what are you going to do about it? If you don't know, then find people out there who can teach you.

You can also make an abundant food forest yourself, which directly affects the atmosphere above it. There are physical tools that can make certain geoengineering not hover over your property. There are many answers out there.

On "with the time you have," you are a MultiSelf and cannot disintegrate. You can be hooked into the imposter ray and forget all about your imposter and forget all about her MultiSelf, but there's no need for alarm. Earth has gone through so many things so often. All we can do is just hold the Space of Love. We don't need to worry about anything. Just, everyday whatever action you are taking. be certain it is for the betterment of all lifestreams on Earth and for Earth itself. You don't need to get all Astrally tugged to do that.

There are two "makers." There is Source and there are the Puppeteers. Source provided us the MultiSelf. The Puppeteers provided genes, the implants that go through to descendants. The implants are there means of control of us. So I wonder which maker he was referring to?

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