Saturday, August 26, 2023

Observations on Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada was never one of my favorite places because of the desperation and bullying of entities that I could feel. Recently, my family descended on that town for a reunion of sorts, so I found myself there, feeling like a prisoner on a decade’s sentence who recently got freed. The changes are phenomenal!

I was shocked when I entered a casino and couldn’t hear the coin-dropping noises, the sounds that came with the flashing lights, the one-arm bandits being pulled all around me. (I don’t recall hearing any music in the past, whereas now, it’s everywhere, even in some parking lots!) The ceiling laden with smoke, though people were smoking just not to the extent as before. Children walking close to the gambling because now there are indoor malls everywhere. No more restaurants affiliated with this casino and Keno while you wait. Instead, individual businesses have restaurants, cafes, shops booths, etc. just like in any city in any place in the world cookie-cutter fashion. Though I saw one small group of coin slot machines, they have been tweaked and they aren’t the old-time machines. The new machines are really tall. They accept bills, a gambling card, or the credit slips you may receive with your winnings or when you’re simply finished playing. The credit slips and chips from the tables may be taken to a human cashier just like the old days. The gaming tables are costly, but then if minimum wage is going to be $15/hour or so then that would figure. (Back when I made $4ish/hour, a minimum bet on a low-cost table might have been $1. Now, you’re lucky to find a $10 bet permitted.)

The town to me felt like I had virtual goggles on. Though we met many nice employees all around in the different establishments, the malls under or as part of the casinos made it feel so unreal. In a few where we went, you looked up to the ceiling to see fake sky with white clouds. (No painted on chem trails.) Outside, simply sweeping your eyes at the sites as you drove by, you saw fake Paris, a fake looking castle and other odd, out-of-place sites.

The only place I sensed three sparks of life was at the Bellagio. We walked through the inside gardens, which felt very virtual and devoid of feeling overall. But at one point, 1) a group of flowers, while I was standing there looking for life, suddenly released a whole bunch of scents. Usually, that’s fairies or Nature People saying hello. It was possibly that, yet a “wall” between them and me still separated us. It was strange. 2) There’s a mermaid over near an entrance. The Spirit with her was strong, but again, as if a wall separated me from her. If I had to place it into words, I’d say she’s created a Space for herself to send a part of herself there or it’s as if she can be elsewhere, but has a Screen to look in on things, but may interact somehow if she chooses, because she interacted with me. (Just not the same as when I’m face-to-face with Power. You can feel her in this picture above, though.) 3) Across from her on another path is a man holding a container that is a waterfall. He was just as her but felt slightly different. The mythological creature that is the masculine of Nature (which I remember as Pan) is most likely what is keeping an eye out in this area just as perhaps his female qualities do on the other side. Of course, I may not be of a frequency to feel that they are the same thing, different, or completely different to what I’ve stated here. 

When I first came to America, a lot of my time was spent in the casino babysitting area and so the sounds are very much a part of my childhood. I had no idea those sounds would go away.

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