Monday, September 18, 2023

My Friend the Black Widow


I had a magical thing happen September 17, 2023. I needed to wash the floor. LOL. Real magical, huh? Anyway, I saw a maggot (in a corner on the floor) that was not moving but I got some paper towel to go and squish it and take it off the floor when a black widow came dropped down really fast from underneath the counter bottom and touched the back of my hand with one thin leg. I felt my Heart Chakra open so wide my Throat Chakra and Beyond were open. I heard, “Don’t take my food,” in such a sweet female voice! Well, I had already committed to squishing the maggot and was sorry. I let the Black Widow live. We had a talk. I could see how easy it would have been to kill it. I informed it I was uncomfortable with it just right there in a busy part of the kitchen right by the door to the outside. Not to mention how strange it was to see this kind of spider away from a dark cozy place!

The next day, it was on the bottom of the backdoor on the inside. I informed it that I was afraid with my cats who might put their noses on it or another human in the house who would kill it, so I would be taking it outside to a place that looked nice (to a human) for a spider. It was so strange to me that this kind of spider would be out in the open like that.

The truth is that I have no idea what that was. Was it simply a life communicating with me and only that? Was it set up by my non-physical teachers (and buddies) to see if I graduate (in frequency) or not? Fear wins equates to me killing the spider, which equates with not graduating. I just don’t know. But it was a nice experience no matter what truly happened, no matter if it was orchestrated or simply a lifestream speaking with me.

When I suggest that Genetic humans identify with the Pinky-rose within them and connect that with others from Source, this is how it feels: the response I had to her thin leg touching me. Such a small thin leg and the Power it shared was major Space of Love on steroids! It just takes a pinhead of Pinky-rose from you connecting with a pinhead of Pinky-rose Love in another. Bam. Magic!



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