Sunday, September 27, 2015

Multidimensionality Is

Multidimensionality is stillness with understanding and compassion.
As Mikio Sankey writes, “The All Field includes every level of consciousness and every dimension, space and spacelessness through all time and timelessness into all Universes, Multiverses, and those realms and fields not yet named.”  This is multidimensionality to me.  It is so much more than simply saying it is beyond 3-D experiences.  When a person is aware of their multidimensional self, they are aware of having received support from something that is beyond the 3-D model.  All intentions are known.  Tricks and illusions are seen.  A true knowing of and about yourself is understood.   Our physical body sings a yantra making us an antenna to pull in understanding.  We can hear our Qi, which is communicating with us.  After all, Qi, the energy inside us—part of which travels with our blood in our vessels—IS information. 

Being multidimensional is much like being an average person who has attended many business seminars on sales approaches and then hears the same lines, the pitch, said in a TV commercial.  It is that, “Ah, I see what you’re doing,” moment.  Esoteric Acupuncture can help to build the Antahkarana, the Rainbow Bridge, which is basically like establishing the connection with two wires and then the bulb lights up.  Multidimensionality is the lit bulb. 


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