Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Illuminati & MTV

White Rabbit’s ideas in this video (see the link below) are valid to a point.  It’s perhaps not accurate to place every human experience related to homosexuality and to the pineal gland, for instance, into just one category: satanic.  In my opinion, part of how the Illuminati works is through opposites.  They take any topic and make a denser version of it, because it's effective to take something that is trusted and known and then reincorporate it into society; much the same way that the Elite take trusted religious symbols and use part of it to promote their Agenda.

The Nadis are very fine meridian-like pathways that are very much affected by sexual acts.  When love is involved, along with true consent, a very fine Qi (energy) runs through these 72,000 or so meridian-like pathways.  I feel true "living in the moment" can happen along with the resurfacing of Multidimensionality when two partners truly meant to be together (regardless of gender) are indeed together.  I also feel true love and consent can eventually repair clogged up Nadis.  When rape and ritual sex are used, something negative happens with these Nadis.  I have a few theories that we don’t need to go into here, but I can guarantee you the Illuminati know exactly what happens to them.  These Nadis are being mishandled and harmed.  Inappropriate sexual acts are definitely a win for the Elite in their plan to make people stupid and cut off from their Overselves. 

I like this video in that it may be the first time you are being made aware of the Illuminati and mind control programs.  There is a double for almost everything.  So, there is the authentic Jew with the truth of things.  There’s also the Elite’s version known as Zionists that had their hand in 9/11 and the curse of King Tut’s Tomb.  These are the Illuminati.  There is a powerful chakra related to Multidimensionality that has been shut down in most so that humans are easier to control.  This chakra is related to the pineal gland and there are many healthy, centered individuals who may call on this gland in a loving, balancing, promoting human affairs kind of way.  The Elite abuse this gland/chakra and knowledge of it in order to control humanity.  They will constantly meld satanic rituals and drugs with their teachings of this gland in order to give this gland and chakra a “bad wrap” so as good-hearted people will fear this doorway (one aspect of the doorway, at least) to Multidimensionality that is in fact their birthright.

There’s probably always been a small percentage of any society that had individuals who wanted to dress in the style of the opposite sex in any given culture.  There have also most likely always been some within all cultures who are attracted to the same sex.  Then there’s the Elite's desire to destroy individuals through their mind control programs that convince individuals to be gay and inclined to be transgender, transsexuals, and transvestites when none of that was the natural course that a particular individual was taking without interference.

There are probably some movie stars, singers, and politicians who are not mind controlled.  There are definitely many who are.  The mind controlled celebrities will promote ideas sounding cool, when really what they are doing is promoting the Agenda of and for the Elite.  Yes, two loving men can have a child and be a fantastic family.  Unfortunately, the Elite’s idea is to have two mind controlled men who are too fragmented to be real in any response to life.  They are to raise a child in the Elite's hope that he or she will also become fragmented.  It is the Elite's hope that they will be harmed by sexual abuse somehow.  Many actors, singers, and politicians that you love are in actuality sexual child abuse victims where gender never mattered.  To me, this is one point the maker of the video is making.  My sister once visited, and she watched Hannah Montana with my youngish daughter at the time, I watched a moment of it as well.   I saw the sexual overtones and nasty play between family members and friends.  The young crush on Hannah was the worst.  I explained to my daughter why she wouldn’t be seeing that show again until she was older and understood what she was seeing.  I told her I didn’t trust what they were selling.

He, White Rabbit, is just focusing on the music awards, so here, he isn’t discussing everything the Elite are doing to destroy the family.  Schools are not mentioned.  Actually going to school, all the homework, changing the language of functions in math, as well as being around the same age group all day are just a few ways the Elite have set out to destroy the family.   Please watch.  You'll feel in your gut the nastiness of the Elite. 

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