Thursday, September 24, 2015

Response to Oklahoma Bill Mandating Vaccinations

My daughter was once a 1 or 2 year-old who hadn’t had her shots, but what others did or didn’t do for their health wasn’t my business.  I made sure she was as protected as much as possible.  I didn’t even fear people who received vaccinations that made them shed the disease for which they thought they were receiving protection.  I knew my daughter was much better off not having poisons injected into her system.  I knew she was in the process of establishing a vigilant immune system that could handle her experiences.

As for “herd immunity,” I think only people who vaccinate think of it as a percentage of a group being vaccinated protects the overall group in question. I see herd immunity as a thing of the past, really.  We have far too many vaccinated people messing up the group with the atypical diseases caused by the vaccines.  Herd immunity is more like when everyone got the diseases and had natural immunity, you had a huge percentage of the group that wouldn’t get that diseases again.  Grandchildren of people who had had a certain disease perhaps had a more mild form of the disease.  I feel the fewer kids bringing atypical diseases to the herd, the better!

As for the media blitz known as the Disneyland measles outbreak, I think that’s a joke.  An easily duped public is the real epidemic.  Measles and whooping cough outbreaks time and again have been linked back to vaccinated individuals, so just stating there’s a person here and a person there isn’t proving an unvaccinated person was the carrier of a disease.  A few people experiencing a disease isn’t an outbreak.  How about we call vaccine injuries like Autism and allergies and ear aches and eczema and SIDS outbreaks? 

Is Yen getting any funds in any way that would incline him to be for mandating vaccines?  I already know he’s been tricked himself if he thinks vaccines really make a difference, so I don’t respect him enough to trust him with making medical decisions for my child.  If he hasn’t been hired to be the doctor of a child, he has no right pushing legislation that makes him and the government the consultant of a child.  There is enough of a history with vaccinations that disproves so much of their efficiency as well as showing the dangers that there is no way parents should be forced to vaccinate their children.  We need to be in a place where we can accept responsibility for our children and how they turn out.  Much like if we allow ourselves to be manipulated by our kids and we end up unleashing a young adult who feels entitled onto the public, we need to be able to look at our healthy children and know that it was our decisions and research that got them to that point.  Mandated vaccinations don’t fit into that model.

It’s only going to be a health issue when tons of children have vaccine injuries and when a government that are the ones that set up vaccination mandates won’t take responsibility for the injured children.  I bet Yen won’t even apologize, because he won’t make the connection.  At any rate, if Yen wants to vaccinate, it should be his choice; although, I’d argue that vaccinations should be illegal due to all the health issues they have caused since the 1700’s.

In closing, there are never any merits to a vaccination bill where children will be forced to have poisons injected into their bloodstreams against their will.  There is no merit in bringing forced Nazi-like behavior to America.


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