Sunday, August 1, 2021

Liquefied Humans, Patents, and Pinky-Rose


The 1% dElite & Company are panicking a little.  Too few are interested in the bot & clot sh*t.  Too many are rising above the transmissibility weapon.  Everything is about control with the-criminals-that-believe-they-be, and they sense a time crunch because they are aware of rhythmic, pending celestial and planetary changes, even if you are not.  Because they are consciously choosing Astral body misalignments (choices made related to fear), they cannot increase their frequency, so they know they cannot rise above those possible changes.  All they can do is attempt to manipulate their way to accepted and recognized comforts.

They have pulled out all the stops related to their “Wag the Dog Psy-op 2020/2021—the c*vid era—and it still has not been enough.  Too many humans are not falling for the so-called vaksination programming even though the-criminals-that-believe-they-be spent decades gaining fearful followers for the real religion of v*ckzines.  How can they get the bot & clot sh&t into all surviving Genetic humans to turn them into the successive human with enslaved MultiSelf/spiritoid/soul?  No worries.  They already set the stage for that long ago.  Not only were they prepared for pesky little stubborn humans, but they also informed them.

The movie Solvent Green ( did not come right out and say, “Hey, eat humans to make you more aggressive,” nor, “Hey ingest the bots that you refused when you refused the c sh*t,” but it did inform you their goals were to liquify you and feed you to humans.  Okay, so how did they set the stage?   In what we call “real life,” the GMO giant that we all know so well won a court case when their seeds “accidentally” infected an innocent farmer’s crops.  The GMO giant had patented their seed and so that meant the other farmer had stolen it.  The GMO giant got the farmer’s crops and all in a court settlement. 

If a woman allowed the bot & clot $hot, then they have now patented her.  When she dies and they liquify her and hose her onto crops, and a human such as yourself eats her, it is the 1% dElite & Company’s intention that now they will own you, too.  Obviously, they have tweaked their technology related to their patent so it may survive digestion.  Genetic human survivors just became that innocent farmer who is to lose everything.  It is their goal to patent you, whether you allow it or not.

You can be very clear in thought and statement about what you do and do not vote for.  You do not need Emotional/Astral body drama.  Just say it out loud.  “I vote no to liquefied humans being discarded on crops.  I vote no to liquefied contaminated humans being discarded unsafely if they must liquefy them, which I vote no to,” and “I vote no to lifestreams such as humans being patented.”  Truly, there is no end to what you may vote.  Our votes are cast.  But keep in mind your frequency is also voting.  Each unkind, selfish thought, word, or action that you send from yourself, you are giving permission for like to settle here in our experience.  If all of us commune with each other and Nature from Pink-rose love, they cannot have us. 

Our Mind within our cells, the MultiSelf/spiritoid intelligence, can defeat them.  That is why they are placing AI in the Genetic human body, so they may usurp your Power.  There may be an implant in your Mental body that is working to control your Astral body.  How may you protect yourself?  Turn off the TV.  Ignore your cell phone so hopefully you may discard it.  Replace the SMART meter with the old-fashioned analogue kind and rid your home of all SMART devices.  Have high frequency meditations and treatments.  Eat live foods with Qi and chlorophyll.  Juice-fast; not store-bought “juice.”  Whatever you do, do it with thought and intention, not reaction.  Why are you wearing a mask?  Was it because of what a commercialized scientist told you?  Who does that person work for?  How do they profit by you wearing a mask?  What do the independent scientists say?  If you are in fear, what is it that you do not know?

I know I am my MultiSelf/spiritoid.  I know I am from Source.  I am living man, Paget Anne of Essendon from Terra Australis.  I am not the 1% dElite’s property.  I am a worthy opponent and supporter of humanity, no matter how programmable and irritating they are.  I vote damons stand down through the Pinky-rose with which I identify. 

How are you voting?    

















But know that 19 is the number of All That Is and it is also the way out.




This definition came up when I searched liquifying humans.

“Alkaline hydrolysis (also called biocremation, resomation, flameless cremation, or water cremation) is a process for the disposal of human and pet remains using lye and heat. The process is being marketed as an alternative to the traditional options of burial or cremation.

In sewer

I have not watched these videos.  I can tell you that whenever the mainstream uses the word “Green,” it means we want to trick you into thinking that you are saving the environment, but we profit in some way by your compliance.

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