Sunday, August 1, 2021

74 Was the Number

Yesterday, I noticed that 74 was the number used when there's no test.  I have been warning you that this covid era is nothing but scripts.

 Is it because of Gematria or is it the 11?



The number 74 was chosen for a reason.

Are they programming the reactionaries to know that they need a third $hot?

You see, I had a funny feeling when I saw a 74 yesterday.  We know that there's no test to give them a real authentic number, so I knew it was a script. We also know No natural,  contagious pathogen has been isolated.

This last few is a goal of 74% or patients.

74% of beds.

In 74 countries. Lol.

The number 74 has been used often this last 18 months.

These posts show significance because there's no way that it could be 74% of the vaccinated who are sick now all over the world and 74% of the beds in the hospital are occupied with c*vid patients and 74 this and 74 that. So if you're interested in learning why the 74 is so significant with the c*vid era, perhaps you might want to check out Gematria Effect News at Bitchute or get this young man's book.

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