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USA Nationals


Though I discovered about the servitude of being a U.S. citizen about thirty years ago, since 2018, I have been searching this topic deeper.  Because of this, I discovered the Judicial District and am now able to send post without a stamp—both packages and letters.

 There are actions that are not permitted against you if you are living man and not the “dead” U.S. citizen.  It is your choice.  Do you want bondage, or have you had enough?  I go so far as to hold the military/science/government/human/non-human faction accountable if their bioweapons transmit from an injected person to me.  Where do you draw your line in the sand?  

"As defined by the INA, all U.S citizens are nationals."

In the beginning of this clip, Roger reads the U.S. passport to you.

Other thoughts:

Ingri at this site may sell the 16th edition.

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Becoming a national is not the same as cutting yourself off from being a United States American in any way. It is switching your status from being a citizen to being a national. It's worth investigating.

Listen to this on 1.5 until there is info that appeals to you related to being a national.  Then, slow it down.

If you are a US citizen, then you are a US national, it's just that they identify you as a citizen. You have to ask to be identified as the national if that's what you want.

Look at your passport.

You can't be both a US citizen and a US national in their eyes. It's like my letters that I send. If I put a stamp on it and address it the District of Columbia way, the slave way, it's staying in the United States, the citizenry, the District of Columbia, the de facto government that was placed over the natural government. 

If I send it with my signature and address it differently, I am going through the Judicial District. You can only have both feet in one district at a time. What they're doing is letting you know that you can choose.

If you have questions for Roger Sayles, M-Th, 8AM to 10 Pacific. No video on. Unmute when you have a question. Say you're new.  He loves new people. All learn from your questions.

This is how they treat their citizen slaves.

You see, Facebook keeps putting me in "jail" because they tell me that I am lying to you and that I am not following community standards. But they are the ones who lied about covid-19 and all along it was a certificate of vaccination identification artificial intelligence (19/digital).

I had two weeks left on two simultaneous "jail terms" when I was thrown in for a third.  Enough is enough.  I have a letter ready, but complained on FB directly.  I shot them this:

"As a national, I am a non-resident to the residency and alien to the citizenship of the Fourteenth Amendment.  I am writing to you as living man demanding that you stop harassing me with Fact Checkers and informing me that my posts do not meet 'community standards.'  I have freedom of speech as a national.  Please restore my account."

 Let's see if the national has Power.

Just sent the letter:

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Good info on how to handle officials.

9/1/21 added...Become a national.  Australia has to have an equivilent to being recognized as living man of Terra Australia.

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[If you are a national, you do not have to register for the draft.  This is especially important for those girls and boys who are not soldiers.  Wherever registration happens, you send in your affidavit and put them on notice.]

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Video on 200 Year History from Kay Talked About Today.


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Codes for passport cards

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10/18/21 they even hv a form for nationals.

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Control Group QR code ID

Unlike pharma companies, we have a control group that we took it upon ourselves to do.  When it was left to them, no group happened.  Our data is a testimony to how we fare against those who have the shot and have problems.


11/3/21 added (A public official can be held personally liable)

11/7/21 added (I met Ryan on Friday. While listening to him I had an epiphany and saw very clearly about the artificial world and the true liberated status. I have not heard his show, but do recommend it. It's on Sundays 1-3 Pacific.)

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A US passport as a national exists.

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Become a National for protection from the agents of the government.

If you are unaware of how agents in America work and how soldiers have been controlled into being cruel, please watch. Become aware. Then become a National.

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If you are interested in becoming a US National, be certain you are responsible for your own actions and do not play the “blame game.”  If victimhood is how you conduct yourself, then this is not for you.

Be certain that you understand that there is so much that we do not understand about being a national and that many occurrences that pop up feel like uncharted territory.  Understand that our enslavers are totally cunning and nasty and loathe us; therefore, freeing ourselves from them may leave a claw scratch down our backs on our way out.

Here are some further points to consider:

1)    You may send your “Citizenship Evidence” to the Secretary of State with or without a passport application.  I recommend at the very least getting a passport card because it may get scanned in the Pass System and may inform authority figures to leave you alone.

2)    You apparently cannot run for Senator if you are a national.

3)    You can no longer vote; however, you may elect someone by speaking to the authority on hand at a voting booth.  But good luck with that because most citizens know nothing about nationals and may not know how to assist you.

4)    You can no longer step into the defacto courts, yet citizens may not understand that—which may make a lot of a struggle to you.  When I received a jury summons, I wrote no to US Citizen and wrote US National in the line below.  I crossed out resident and wrote in “dweller.”  I explained below that I am a US National not within federal jurisdiction.  (I also do not see slaves as my peers but am happy to serve in a common law capacity in some fashion.)  I have not heard back, yet.

5)    If you choose to not pay taxes, it is on you to research that and to be confident in your actions yourself.  Again, if you are into helpless victimhood, please do not give us a bad name by becoming a national.

6)    If you choose to not register your car or your children’s births, please research both thoroughly and do not do it if you do not feel confident in your actions.  Again, whoever your teachers are, do not blame them if you “get into trouble.”

7)    If you choose to not get a license to drive or to practice some skill, do not blame anyone if you get into trouble.  Know why you do a thing and do not do a thing. Do not blame another.

8)    Get your affidavit signed by two non-relatives or a notary.

9)    Make copies of your affidavit.

Having said all of that, here is an idea for an affidavit that you may use.  Again, research for yourself and choose what feels right to you.  If there is anything you do not understand, do not become a national until you do!

(If you want to use your first, middle and last names, that is fine.)


Affidavit of Citizenship Evidence

"I, (first name last name), being duly sworn, hereby declare my intention to be a national of the United States of America but not a citizen of the federal UNITED STATES under the scope and purview of the 14th Amendment.” 

After you send the affidavit in, send copies with a letter to several authority figures.  Please see cast box radio ranch for past shows or listen live on Jitsi with questions for Roger.


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11/29/21 added Look.  They have it all in plain site.  Look for the definition to minor:

"Minor means an individual under the age of 18 years. The term minor is also used to refer to an individual who has attained the age of 18 years but has not yet taken control of the securities contained in his or her minor account."  

When you take control of the securities, you are outside their system.

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This is one example:

Affidavit of Citizenship Evidence

"I, (first name, last name), being duly sworn, hereby declare my intention to be a national of the United States of America but not a citizen of the federal UNITED STATES under the scope and purview of the 14th Amendment.” 

1/5/2022 added (I have not read, yet.)

Your credit makes everything prepaid.  (This is what humans and nonhumans tap into here and take off-world.  Credit is currency/energy/food.  They harvest you for it.  We are that human resource.  Well, you can tap into it.)

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1/9/22 added The rabit hole is so deep, that there are many places to start when tapping into that credit.

1/13/22 added (on customs for us all)

(Credit 1099's: Credit.  Prepaid.  We the People. Trust Account.  Assets in that Trust Account.  We are part of the central Bank of America.)

See what you think

1/15/22 added (property taxes)

(Not certain if a "patriot" is defined as citizen or national)

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