Sunday, November 7, 2021

Disappearing From the Fiction

The fiction that we are existing in is truly artificial.  You get this confirmed every time someone denies you the right to breath freely and shames you for attempting to stand in Truth.  If you were permitted to live as a being under Natural Law with Natural Law Rights and duties to Natural Law, you would not be the pawn of agents of the government that you are.

When you have a court-given name, such as Paget, in comparison to a birth name, such as Deborah, it may be a little easier for you to recognize which point of focus is which as you navigate your way through the system—the fiction—in comparison to Reality.  But the bottom line is, you are either treated with the respect and allowance to be who you are, or not.  So even if your name has not changed through this lifetime, you can still be aware that you are standing in fiction as an artificial entity, or not.

The fiction where we reside is as a play.  The leading lady may get to be in the “limelight,” but she is still fiction.  The leading lady is as the US National.  She is still in the spider’s web, but perhaps navigates her way through it easily and at times is able to become as the spider by seemingly crawling on top of the silk without getting stuck. The ensemble member is as the US Citizen—extremely important to the show, but treated as less significant.  The leading lady, having had many parts, has opportunity to move up and away to bigger and better things as does the national, simply because the national has avoided some pits and traps that the citizen cannot.  It is much like “leveling up” in a video game.

My goal is to get out of the system.  If I can use their system for my benefit, that means I am able to implode their system from within as I am moving out of it.  What that means is for every artificial entity that is starting to awaken to their bondage who starts to use the controller’s rules in order to help them to escape, that is a start.  The many roads out of Rome means that not everyone will start to destroy their system in the same way. 

For notes on language that you shall come across on your journey to become a national, you will come across “private.”  To me, any private thing inside the system is not the private to which I refer when I say I identify as private living man(kind).  The true private living man(kind) is the one who found the “golden egg” and got out from under the “artificial self, no matter how long it took.

One last thought, some may find the “golden egg” and get out of the system while living here on 3D Earth comfortably and quickly.  For many of us, it is a process of figuring out what worked and what did not until we finally succeed decades later.  Ground light into what you do.  That means do it from the right heart.  True community of looking out for your child as if she is mine.  My actions are a win-win for fellow humans involved.  You get the idea.  Now, go.  Anchor the light. Hwa!


 Disappearing From the Fiction video

A gathering of info related to the US National


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