Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Light-bearer Humans Vs. the Body Snatchers


It is interesting to me that now during the present battle of the light-bearer humans across from the body snatchers that many who know are permitted to speak.  Yes, they are perhaps “keeping it within the lines” and only stating what is permitted to be disclosed, but why now?  Yes, disclosures have always happened to some extent, but does it simply seem like more often because of the internet or is it more often?

This is the only video I have seen that backs up my belief that the Puppeteers incarnate and have technology to jump from body to body.


This way, the two thousand plus plan can slowly unfold.  Patience is easy when they have such a huge timeline and have complete control of most of their chattel.  They can run a parallel plan for those who hold more light and are not entrapped so easily.

If you work with any animal, you know its tendencies, its areas of control, its habits, its functions, etc.  Especially the longer you remain in that field of study, the more you know.  The Puppeteers are also aware of cycles within us, our universe, and other universes.  They know when to hold and when to fold.  They know when to make a move and when in not moving a move has been made.  What became the Genetic human, now has a choice to either become the successive human or the light-bearer human in their Game of control. 

The successive human is as the cell phone.  It is an artificial intelligence and alien intelligence-controlled partial human that is more cut off from its subtle bodies (MultiSelf) and Monadic Ray (by the imposter ray) compared to the Genetic human.  The light-bearer human identifies with the light and sound that is its MultiSelf, possibly subconsciously.  He or she is higher-frequency than the average “Joe” and of a finer Qi.  He or she will possibly let gender go eventually as he or she returns to a more physicalish spiritoid experiencing a very different, less dense 3D. 

The light-bearer human will not fall for any fear campaign, nor be coerced in any manner.  Some will be able to move physically with thought alone.  At any rate, they have the ability to make themselves out of reach to the damons that use technology against lifestreams of all varieties and jump from body to body as the body snatchers that they are.  For the next installment of the “Covid Era” saga of “Light-bearer Humans Vs. the Body Snatchers” to move in favor of the humans, each needs to become a national of their “country,” reclaim their securities, and experience higher vibration treatments, food, and beverages.  “You hold no authority over me” needs to be integrated by the cells of our bodies.

Now, go.  Anchor the light.  Hwa!




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