Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Samsung Phone in Eraglow Case Survives Fire


If a virus can be thought of as alive, then my phone that works after being in a fire can be said to have survived. 

I had twenty minutes since I released the papers and cardboard into a pit of cold ash to recall that my phone had been in my hand.  Finally, more cardboard was added to the barrel and my phone would have become heavy as the flames licked the cardboard, making it lighter.  The strap would have been burned off in the increasing heat and fire while my phone would have made its way to the hot ash below.  More cardboard was added.  A good fifteen to twenty minutes later, I remembered that I had brought my phone out because I was expecting an important call.  I checked my pockets.  With a gasp and then dropped jaw, I stood staring at the blaze.  “My phone is in there,” I finally quietly announced. 

My brother stopped feeding the fire, but it was a good fifteen minutes before the flames died down enough to search the bottom with a stick.  My brother pointed out that it was a good sign that we did not hear the battery explode.  For ages, he moved the contents around with the stick, hopefully cooling it at the very least.  After some time, he took a flashlight and searched the whole area where I had walked since dumping the contents into the barrel.  He found nothing.  

I used the stick trying to force anything heavy up out of the ashes.  When his flashlight returned, there in the ash, we could see the outline of the back of my phone, camera up.  He reached in with a gloved hand and brought it up.  It made a noise.  I swear, it was like hearing a newborn cry!  My phone had survived!  He was concerned that the screen would have cracked.  I had put up with a cracked screen for about three years and had just purchased the refurbished phone about six weeks ago, so that would have been ironic.

He laid it on the ground.  It was hot, but I tried to bring up texting.  He told me to turn it off and to let it cool.  I did and turned it on again about four hours later.   It worked just fine.  An aluminum business card inside was fine.  The plastic in the pocket for a picture or a license was fine.  The strap was the only thing that was missing.  (If only I had had it around my wrist!)

Eraglow and Samsung J3 Star with Screen Protector all deserve praise for having my back!!!  Thank-you!

(It has been two days and it still reeks of fire!)

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