Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Defense Against the Transmissible Bot & Clot $hot

Watch first.

Engage in Esoteric Acupuncture treatments.  

Read high frequency works such as books listed on my website

Recall that you are consciousness, not a slave.  behave like it!

Have these signs at your doors to your home and on high places facing the ceiling.

Military/Science/Government/Human/Non-human Faction,

Government Intruders, AI, Independent Time Travelers,

Please respect Biosecurity Measures and Personal Boundaries.

Any place these living men of this household, both dwelling here and elsewhere, stand, travel, work, sleep, and simply “are,” do not approach them without verbal, conscious permission.

Do not enter these premises—whether with or without a physical body or physical tools—without expressed verbal, conscious permission from the occupants.

Do not enter property with or without physical tools until you have a valid probable cause warrant written following The Chicago Manual of Styles and in English—only if it falls under Natural Law—and with a written list of items to be searched.  Do not enter property wearing a mask.  Face-coverings will be interpreted as a threat unless a religious reason can be proven.  Prior permission required.

Do not offer medical advice or advice on health at all unless solicited by us.  Further, “If you are a federal, state, or local agent, upon entering these premises, you must declare same or under the Bivens Act-Article 42, be held personally and individually liable.”



Wherever these living men, humans, people who dwell here roam, it is known and accepted that no being, physical or non-physical, is permitted to invade their vibration/frequency.  Natural Law/ Universal Law is in force here and follows them.  Violators will be held accountable for their grievous actions.

Nobody, no being, no entity has the right to have a weapon of any sort transmitted to (first name), (first name), (first name), or to their (cats, dogs, guests) in their home or elsewhere on their home, Earth, nor to install vibrations/frequencies that could place them under an entity’s or implant’s control.  Do not transmit bioweapons from humans, non-humans, or equipment to us.  Engineered weapons intended to be transmitted from those who have received injections cannot trespass our space—within our MultiSelves, physical and non-physical areas any place related to Earth, or any level elsewhere.  Do not physically or energetically poison us through, absorption, inhalation, ingestion, or injection.

Hurt me, including hurting me emotionally through harming a family member, pet, or friend, then you are entering into a contact with me, you will lose cloaking, each moment that passes from that instant of causing harm.  Humans will see who or what you truly are and you will experience Pinky-Rose self-love!  The spark of Source will make Itself known in you. Love. The frequency of Love, the Sound of Love, the color of Love will be known, experienced, embraced and acknowledged by you who that entered into a contract with me.  The level of that Love is that of a true nomad.  It is that of Source.  It is that of Light. So Be It!

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