Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Mandating a Pharmaceutical Put Out by Unethical Companies


[No surprise.


Today, the LA County Supervisors are voting to mandate a pharmaceutical be injected into us without our permission.


When we called in, we had to inform them that we oppose it or are in favor of it.


Thirteen people who are for it...all doctors or nurses...were allowed to speak. Only two who opposed it were allowed to speak. (Obviously, the pro crowd was informed about this meeting as their speeches were very rehearsed.)


Then e-mailing a public comment was difficult.  Many of us were not heard.


Here is what I was going to say.


“Hello. I am Dr. Paget Hillebrand, PhD, LAc. I will be addressing Agenda items 21, 73A and 73B, which I oppose.  General Public comment.


You do not have the right to force me to have a pharmaceutical injected.  Even if you have a license to practice medicine, I do not choose you to be my health care practitioner.  You do not know my history.


I am ethical and I would never force you to have acupuncture or IV vitamin C.  And as a side note.  If you lack the enzyme to process vitamin c, you cannot synthesize it, so should not have it.  Well, it’s the same for pharmaceuticals.  You do not know what ingredient in them will cause an adverse reaction in us.  Being a bully and forcing us to have a pharmaceutical put out by unethical companies is no way to behave.


This is a controversial subject for a reason.  Not all people seek Western Medicine and are heathy despite that.  (Even though you have been convinced that health is a weakness and a symptom of the covid.)


Safe, effective and necessary can be argued by non-Big Pharma scientists, if you would only listen.


No pharmaceutical mandates for LA!


“With liberty and justice for all.”  Either mean those words, or don’t say them!




Dear AI, you got them hood-winked.  Does not matter.  We will not be injected!]

 Every single one of the pro-mandate people who spoke was related to a hospital or doctor's office. There were two who spoke against. The rest of us were on the phone and they wouldn't let us on. 

[I have less than 2 hours to go and find other devices and to try and do this. I have tried two devices so far, and they will not let me submit my vote or my comments.]




It will cost you to refuse this pharmaceutical.


 This has already come to LAUSD workers and students.  The social credit system is being implemented slowly.


When no isolate is proven.


No isolate proven and yet.


Case closed.




Informed consent.


8/15/21 added


8/16/21 added


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