Monday, May 31, 2010

Five-Needles: Acupuncture with Immediate Results

According to Dr. Zhi Liang Huo, fixing physical problems with acupuncture is easy. This acupuncturist/researcher teaches twenty-five subjects to professional acupuncturists. One subject is centered on clearing clients of their toxins. It was at this seminar that I met Dr Huo and learned his technique. Dr. Huo uses a form of scalp and auricular acupoints that he developed thirty years ago. He says, “Five-Needles can treat everything!”

Unlike Esoteric Acupuncture, with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in general and Five-Needles, a thorough diagnosis is fundamental to deciding the treatment plan. For example, three to five various acupoints will be chosen from above the neck, and acupoints on the arms or legs may need to be needled as well. At any rate, no more than ten needles are used per treatment. Dr. Huo is able to perform over fifty fast acupuncture treatments in a day with Five-Needles, sometimes seeing the same client twice. Some clients have one treatment a day for fourteen days straight, due to the distance traveled in order to see him.

With Esoteric Acupuncture, a front pattern may be needled with a separate back treatment to immediately follow. With Five-Needles, one group of acupoints may be needled in the morning and one in the evening, each as a separate treatment. Dr. Huo has found this protocol extremely successful. He documents before and after treatments on video, with the permission of his clients, because he is setting out to prove the power of acupuncture for those unfortunate people who believe it only eases pain.

Dr. Huo says that allopathic doctors have frustrated countless people with either no diagnosis or a diagnosis with no treatment option, and sometimes, a death sentence. As a last resort, the frustrated people show up on his doorstep. His clients have also experienced taking prescription drugs for years with no positive change in symptoms, occasionally worse off than before the doctor prescribed the drugs. “If your drugs do not fix the problem within two months, then they are not working,” says Dr. Huo, adding that, “three days for antibiotics” is the average length of time it should take for patients to experience improved health.

Positive changes in the feel of the client’s pulse for the practitioner, in the physical appearance of the client, and in how the client feels should accompany all treatment modalities because they are signs of improvement. Dr. Huo takes care of the imbalances that led to the client’s prescribed drug use in the first place, and he encourages his clients to work with their MDs to reduce the number and or dosage of drugs they are taking. Together with reducing a client’s toxicity, improvement in their health is imminent.

Dr. Huo usually starts his clients on a week-long liver and colon Chinese herbal cleanse while also treating them in the office with acupuncture. His Five-Needles technique is also called, “Qi Gong Needling” because of the way the practitioner uses his or her Qi (energy) and Intent to guide the insertion and rotation of the needles. Also, roughly every five minutes of the half hour treatment, the practitioner returns to work the needles, offering more Qi. As with acupuncture anesthesia, working the needle is the way to get Five-Needles to work since it is more for the Etheric and Physical Bodies. In contrast, Esoteric Acupuncture is acupuncture for all the Esoteric, non-physical bodies as well as the Physical Body. Also, with Esoteric Acupuncture, the needles are not manipulated in order to get great results. With Five-Needles, the manipulation of the acupuncture needles is key for great results.

As with TCM in general, Dr. Huo treats the person not the disease, and he has also developed concentrated powdered herbs for specific ailments. Unlike allopathic medicines, even the concentrated powders treat the person by taking “mucous” or “blood deficiency” into consideration rather than simply “cancer”. He has an herbal ointment ready to apply to those in need of it. He has set fractures and used the ointment, with quick results. Breast lumps have disappeared with Five-Needles in conjunction with the use of the ointment and his cleansing formula, making surgery a very distant back-up plan for his grateful clients.

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  1. An acupuncturist will have to examine you and determine the number of needles to use. Different practitioners may choose to use different numbers of needles to treat the same ailment. There is also no minimum or maximum number of needles used. Personally, I have used as few as one needle to as many as dozens at a time.

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