Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Harmful for Kids?

Are any of you adults who have not been a part of a local school district for twenty-odd years aware what goes on at the end of the year? Thanks to multimedia being what it is, movies, which were once a treat, are now common place. Perhaps you think that is no big deal. Well, have you considered this? In middle school and high school, if one teacher starts a movie, and every successive teacher starts a movie, your child could be being exposed to six completely different movies in a day. Have you ever wondered if it is harmful to have a child's brain pulled in and out of different plots with the chime of a bell? Could it be causing a split in their young psychies?

I traveled with a group of students, doing just this, being pulled in and out of different movies. Some teachers did not even start the movie fresh for the next group. They just kept it runnning. Since, at my home, we are not into television shows and movies of today to any great extreme, I found it annoying to walk into a room, in the middle of a movie that was unfamiliar to me. Then, with the bell, we were exposed to another movie in another room.

If any one out there is searching for a topic to test, how about this? Does being exposed to pieces of different movies within a six hour span, perhaps over multiple days, adversely affect school children?

Games, socializing, or even continuing to teach in order to prepare children for the next school year could be healthy alternatives to movies.

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