Monday, December 17, 2012

Stevie Wonder's "Someday at Christmas" and Discernment

We're all waiting for that some time, that elusive "when", when we will have people not being used robotically to destroy other fellow humans.  It's time to awake up and block those behind some kind of agenda from allowing us to head toward a militaery state.  Unfortunately, instead, more police will be assigned to our children's schools.  One thing this will do is to instill a false sense of security.  The other is to make your children as comfortable around a uniformed, armed person as they are being made comfortable with reptillian characters like Barney.  It's time to refine your discernment skills.  Open your eyes and question things that are occuring rather than allowing news teams to spoon feed you ideas.

It's time to think outside the box since "the they" seem to be going full speed ahead with their Agenda, whatever it is.  The elementary school in Newtown, Conneticut just may have been targeted because it was a great role model for safety.  If the best is torn down, the masses will be left in fear and begging for help from uniformed, armed services.  This is definitely not the answer, though.  Davis Icke's idea of "Problem Reaction Solution" needs to be investigated.  Ideas that citizens can be programmed to do nasty deeds also needs to be discerned.

As for beefed up security on campuses, it doesn't necessarily help, because the school police will still have to be in the exact right place at the exact right time. An example of this is with a situation that occured at a school where I worked last year. The following is not an example of a robot perptrator like I feel the Conneticut shooter was, but it stands as an example of the false security more policemen on campus can bring. On September 30, 2011, I was working as a sign language interpreter at a high school. That day, we had two armed school policemen on campus, along with two deans, and tons of administrators. A girl in a former class of my client, was fatally stabbed during lunch by an ex-boyfriend who had also been in a class of my client's. Part of the problem preventing one officer from arriving at the crime was all the students running in the oppsite direction. Anyone who has ever worked in a middle school or high school knows that children run toward a fight, anxious to see every second of it, rather than running away from it. On this day, the students were running away in fear of the blood and such, for it was no ordinary fight, and the closest officer, as reported to me by witnesses, interpreted the stampede as running toward the fight, temporarily taking him in the wrong direction. There is a solution to stopping school violence, but it doesn't begin with us being policed when at school. It begins with being able to discern people's motives on an individual level and continues with seeing the much bigger picture.

It must be sad for Stevie Wonder to see us no better off than decades ago when he wrote "Someday at Christmas" and, in fact, worse off. I am still keeping an eye out and have faith that humans will stand together and recognize "Problem Reaction Solution," take a step toward discernment, and finally know peace.


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