Friday, January 11, 2013

Misleading Newspaper Claims

According to the Daily Breeze newspaper article, “Celebrities Offer Dubious Health Science Claims,” from January 10, 2013, (originally written for Reuters about the Sense About Science (SAS) campaign), our bodies are doing just fine, and we are encouraged not to listen to celebrities regarding their silly health ideas. The inset reads, “Misleading Science Claims,” and includes a checklist of a few things that “should be avoided.” For example, this article suggests that cleansing the body isn’t needed and detoxing is handled sufficiently by the liver. As far as “immune boosting” goes, “you can’t and you don’t need to.”

I picked this paper up off the ground with the intention of placing it in the recycling bin when the title caught my eye. My first thought was that this must be an article written for that portion of the population that is looking for an excuse not to take responsibility for their health. Either that or Big Pharma is offering a lot of financial support to the Daily Breeze and Reuters, and this article is the newspaper’s way of keeping people in the pill-popping mood. After all, if our bodies were doing such a great job of handling all the white flour, white sugar, and other crap that we are constantly consuming, why are diseases and obesity taking over?

You can boost your immunity. Stop eating junk and clogging up your works. Exercise by moving, doing something that brings you joy. Juice your veges, nuts, and fruits, and drink it immediately. Take herbal formulas occasionally in order to assist your Qi. Have acupuncture treatments in order to assist you with strengthening your Wei Qi, which is your protective qi. Esoteric Acupuncture can further assist with auric leakages and free you of etheric cords from others that deplete you of your vitality. Greens, such as spirulina, Barley Essence, and chlorella are so closely related to our blood that greens should not be overlooked when considering boosting your immunity.

Your liver detoxes for your body just as your kidneys act as a filter to your blood. It’s insane to assume that if you continue to put crappy foods and water into your system that your liver and kidney functions wouldn’t become compromised, yet, this article is giving you permission to do nothing to support your liver. You’re helpless. It’s not your fault that you have no energy and you’re in a foul mood all the time and you can’t make sound decisions. Your liver is handling everything just fine.

I imagine the term “Superfoods” came about to be an opposite for “empty foods,” yet Kate Kelland is saying, “there is no such thing, just foods high in some nutrients.” Well, yes, nutrient dense as opposed to all the junk that we consume that perhaps fills us up temporarily, but offers no life-sustaining nourishment. If a celebrity wants to advertise a healthier idea that they believe assists them with health and energy,that probably still can’t compete with the constant advertising and cheap costs of the empty foods that bombard the public. Celebs suggesting a particular superfood just might help a poor lost soul reach for that instead of a Twinkie.

As for “Oxygenating,” there are plenty of terrific books available about Ozone therapy. I learned in school long ago that trapped bubbles of oxygen within ancient walls that were dug up, had tests performed showing the oxygen content of long ago. The percentage of oxygen in our air now compared to then is less. The subject about oxygen is multifaceted and I certainly would investigate it further should my system begin to falter under the attacks of the ingredients of chem trails, harmful food ingredients, and water with which I come into contact. As the article says, “Your lungs do this” [oxygenate]. But, how well are your lungs working, physically and energetically? This author would have you believe that your body works in top shape until the day you suddenly die at whatever age.

An actress named January Jones supposedly ingests placenta pills. I’m one of those people who saw the placenta that came with my daughter as one of the most fantastic life-affirming herbs around. I was shocked by the nurse-midwives I met who referred to a placenta as “dirty,” a “mess,” and medical waste. I had a back up hospital in case I needed to be transported during my labor and, in advance, I wrote official papers detailing how my placenta would be leaving the hospital with me. Luckily, I simply prepared mine at home later. I highly recommend all mothers have the placenta that comes from them made into pills; however, if the mother is plagued by an illness I, of course, wouldn’t. Placenta supposedly from a cow or unknown humans may be dangerous since unknown health histories may make you worse off. Ingesting your own placenta in order to replenish Jing, Qi, and plain ole good health, I wholeheartedly approve of. (I also hope Ms. Jones made a placenta tincture for the babe.)

I’d prefer to look to Nature compared to an expert. Catherine Collins, a dietician quoted in the article, sees no sense in ingesting a placenta and even suggests that the toxins and “unsavory substances” will be introduced to the person taking placenta pills. I think of the animals who eat their placentas after the birth of their young. It prevents hemorrhaging in the mother and revitalizes her. I had left my midwives instructions that should I hemorrhage, I’d like for them to put part of my placenta in a blender and help me to swallow it. Western Medicine can’t begin to understand Eastern. January Jones wasn’t the first to do this and she won’t be the last. This is the only animal herb that comes from life rather than death and has been taken for over 3,000 years.

I’d suggest researching and experimenting before trusting a newspaper article. Use common sense and recognize how your body reacts to things. Isn’t it ironic that this SAS campaign doesn’t place its energy in debunking pharmaceutical claims, or commercials that liberally use the word natural?

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