Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flu is Not a Season

It is time to set the record straight.  Winter, spring, summer, and fall are seasons.  It may seem that a virus can attack humans with regularity at a certain time of year, tempting people to expect to become sick as easily as they expect winter to follow fall, but that does not make flu a season.
Looking around me, I see people consuming extremely huge amounts of candy and other sweets in October.  Through November, the Halloween candy stash is beginning to dwindle, but people think that is okay — they have the Thanksgiving Holiday’s pies, treats, and alcohol to assure high levels of sugars and non-life giving food in their systems to stop them from “crashing.”   By December, late nights can offer an extra burden to the already overtaxed system, along with more reasons to consume more alcohol, and perhaps more of a variety, as well.  This and the lack of ingesting nourishing homegrown produce has more to do with the consistent arrival of the so-called annual flu outbreak than simply the time of year or having someone sneeze on you.  Flu is not something that should be annually expected like a season.
The media’s job is to place in your consciousness the expectation of “catching” the flu just as regularly as you expect to see Aunt Millie every Christmas.  They encourage you to get out there and support Big Pharma by getting that flu shot, not to mention all the over the 
counter drugs, just in case.  Thought is very powerful.  If the media reminds you that it is time to get sick and you allow that message to permeate your being, you just may do as you are told.  No matter what the media tells you, flu is not a season.

Just in case your immune system is not weak enough to falter under the pressure of coming into contact with a sick person, the They spew viruses and other ickiness onto us from above via the mixture within “Chem Trails.”  These chemical trails that linger long after the plane (or drone) has past, equal instant, timely exposure to illnesses like the flu, for instance.  More than simply washing your hands, look up at the skies, especially just before it rains, and consider what precautions you can take to protect yourself from the gunk that is pouring down on you.   Eating with Intent and for life, and drinking good, non-fluorinated water, as well as recognizing that you are under attack at that moment may be a good start to defending your system against this orchestrated, annual event. 
Imagine if we started taking responsibility for our health and ate from love through the “promoted junk food months” rather than from habit.  If we stood together and showed theThey that we are on to them, perhaps they will stop the brewing of viruses in their labs, the spraying of viruses onto the public, the promoting of the flu vaccine, and, most of all, stop selling flu as a season.
We must look pretty stupid to the powers that be, the They.  After all, they have convinced us to mimic them and claim that it is flu season.  Not only that, but they have got us taking no responsibility for our health whatsoever, because we can simply get a shot, believing that will protect us.  Honestly, it is time to empower ourselves.  Stop taking the easy road.  Refuse to fall into the trap of ingesting good tasting chemicals just because you have been told a pill might help make you well later.  Stop allowing them to make you even more stupid with all the aspartame they throw in your so called diet foods that you scarf down side by side with your sugary foods.  Stop giving them the power to dupe you into thinking that you are eating healthy foods when, in fact, you are eating life-altering and life-taking choices.  And for Pete’s sake, stop buying into the modern season of illness.  Flu infiltrating your immune defenses is not only unnecessary annually, it is not necessary period.  Let this permeate your being: flu is not a season!


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