Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boston Marathon Bomber's BLACK Backpack

Here's food for thought only.  Personally, I hope you're not following any mainstream media on this subject, as like usual, they're mostlikely full of it.  I had never seen this picture of the 19-year-old until a friend e-mailed this link to me.  But, I do remember hearing the official line about a black backpack having held the bombs.

Anyone who is willing to look for the hidden story behind any staged event is worthy of our time. Please check out his research, especially if you're one who still believes everything that is spoon fed to you. Awareness is our first defence. Please question everything. Set up a filter. Don't just mindlessly accept accept accept. For as long as we fall for all these staged events and continue to react to them, they'll keep doing it. You may be their next victim. You may be their next fall guy. Either way, you're just a pawn in their stupid game. Filter, filter filter. Question, question, question. See the strings and the show is over!
The following is from

Wilde shows two other guys with backpacks at the marathon that day.

He shows this blown up backpack.

At least one of the two patsys was not wearing a black backpack.  The story I heard long ago was that the bombs were in black backpacks.

This picture does seem photoshopped.  Why photoshop this picture if he's naturally guilty?  But this guy was wearing his light colored backpack over his right shoulder.

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