Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Manipulative Teachers

My daughter has attended a middle school for three very long years where their accelerated program has been way over the top and ridiculous.  Kids, especially those in drama, spent many nights up until two in the morning doing homework.  A teacher recently showed fictitious movies in class and still assigned homework!  I would have preferred the break from homework, since it has been assigned nightly regardless of holidays or weekends, and had the work at school and the movies at home. 

I wanted to share with you a subtle, nasty plan that was executed today by my daughter's Science teacher since it is typical.  Many students in Mrs. C's classes are in drama and so were absent from class today due to performing for the school.  Mrs. C brought out the test papers from yesterday and announced that all who graded their own tests would receive extra points.  It is yet another stab at the kids who value other activities as well as academics.  From a Negative Entity encapsulator (ghost buster) point of view, she, the teacher, is getting off on the power she is having over the kids who were not in her class today.  It's a power trip at their expense.  Why can't she acknowledge how much time these kids give to their elective instead of constantly punishing them?  Well, I know part of the answer at least.  She needed a feeding!

So much for thinking you can send your kid off to school where they will find an organized, nurturing, knowledgeable teacher!  Instead, many find a hungry Negative Entity hiding within the teacher starving for energy.  Your kid is then served up.  Of course, those kids today who are able to not let her nastiness effect them will be fine.  Unfortunately, some of the drama kids feel placed between a rock and a hard place and are sorry they missed the bonus for attendance.

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