Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Abdominal Myomectomy & Uterine Reconstruction Surgery

Adenomyosis (uterine endometriosis) and uterine polyps should be the first two differential diagnoses made when a client seeks a practitioner’s help for excessive uterine bleeding with clots.  Unfortunately, doctors mostly focus on conditions like fibroids, or jump to treatments like endometrial ablation before fully understanding the situation.   Fibroids are not the only cause of excessive (both in duration and amount) bleeding and clots, yet, sometimes, they are removed only to have the problem continue.  Even worse, most gynecologists don’t truly clean out the whole uterus of its problems (polyps, adenomyosis, cysts) and later, hysterectomy may be recommended, or uncontrollable bleeding may occur during a vaginal myomectomy and then the uterus has to be removed in order to save the patient’s life.

Abdominal myomectomy means that fibroids are removed from the uterus when the uterus has been pulled up out of the patient’s abdomen, to be returned after it is cleaned out.  Unlike vaginal myomectomies, there is little bleeding, perhaps a quarter of a cup at most.  In vaginal myomectomies, only one fibroid is often removed since the ultra sound usually only alerts the doctor to one fibroid.  With the abdominal myomectomy, the doctor cuts the uterus open so is able to see and remove everything that’s not supposed to be there: fibroids, adenomyosis, etc.  also, fibroids on the outside of the uterus are easily seen and removed.

The surgery for a vaginal myomectomy most likely leave fertility intact, where as with the abdominal myomectomy, the possible vertical cut of the uterus or the removal of certain adenomyosis cells will destroy pregnancy hopes.  However, those with adenomyosis in the uterine muscle layer will already have compromised fertility without knowing it.  Endometrial cells swell with blood even when they’re in the wrong place.  In the muscle layer, this means hemorrhaging drowns the muscle cells, which means that if there’s a pregnancy, the uterus will only grow so far before it ruptures, killing the woman.  Therefore, a woman with undiagnosed adenomyosis may go in for fibroid removal via vaginal myomectomy and be unaware that she should not attempt pregnancy.  Sooner or later, the bleeding and clots will be noticed and the presence of fibroids will be suspected.  (Most gynecologists don’t test for, nor mention adenomyosis as a possibility, yet they know they read it on the lab report of those women who have had hysterectomies.)  These poor women are subjected to further vaginal myomectomies until hysterectomies are recommended.  The unsuspected adenomyosis can be removed via abdominal myomectomy.  Women do not have to lose their uteruses in order to stop the dangerous bleeding.  Abdominal myomectomies can be performed by Dr. Del Junco, who is not a gynecologist.

Pelvic reconstruction surgery occurs immediately after the uterus has been cleared of all fibroids, adenomyosis, cysts, polyps, and blood clots.  It is sewn up inside and out and then replaced in the abdominal cavity, much smaller than before.  Only healthy tissue remains to take the woman into a normal menopause and to occupy the space the uterus was intended to occupy—rather than fallen intestines and such which may occur in a woman who has had a hysterectomy.

If you have been diagnosed with fibroid disease, I highly recommend you try to figure out if you have adenomyosis as well.  No matter which treatment options you feel are right for you, you want to also make sure that you are being fully diagnosed.  If your doctor is telling you that a fibroid has to come out immediately and that you may need a hysterectomy, please consult another doctor.  I had a fibroid the size of a baseball, and Dr. Del Junco rightly thought that the fibroid was not the only thing causing my  troubles: adenomyosis was.  Don't accept a doctor telling you that you don’t need your uterus.  That only shows ignorance on their part. 

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