Sunday, January 25, 2015

Measles and the Media

Following are some points on the 2014/2015 Measles outbreak:

                     On the news, I heard that Measles was eradicated by 2000.  (Eradicated to me means from Earth.  Not simply from the United States.  It also means that crazy scientists and governments of the world do not keep any pathogens locked up just in case.)

                      I haven't heard of a Measles outbreak in San Francsico, yet the news never stops harping on how they have a community that have decided not to vaccinate.

                      The news are showing doctors that constantly harp on the idea that communities of non-vaccinated children occur because parents talk and convince each other.  Perhaps people gravitate to more open minded communities.  I have spoken out in favor of not vaccinating children since 1987-90ish and no people around me were convinced.  The propaganda that the news was doing was extremely effective.  What others did was their business anyway.  I wasn't trying to convince anyone.  It is actually the opposite.  Vaccinators try to convince us how wrong we are.

                      The news is claiming that the Measles vaccination is the safest vaccine.  Are they admitting that vaccines exist that are not safe, or as safe?  And if vaccines exist that are not as safe, why aren't they safe?  And why are unsafe vaccinations permitted and forced on the public by law in some places?

                      Before people can be made wrong...before legislation can be implemented to force vaccinations, the Measles has to strike the population.  People probably come from other countries with various viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens all the time, yet outbreaks don't happen.  In order for Measles to penetrate a person's immune system, certain factors would have to be place.  The odds of an outbreak occurring would be far greater if it was dumped on a portion of the population at one time.  Chem Trails can deliver mercury, nanoparticulates, and other harmful crap for us to inhale and absorb.  It could also be a delivery system for Measles.

                      If you are concerned about non-vaccinated people being able to harm you, you must believe that vaccinations can save you.  So get your vaccinations if it makes you happy and get out of non-vaccinated people's business!

                     Notice the numbers of vaccinated people who also came down with Measles (and the Pertussis outbreak of 2010, by the way.).

                     Look into Chinese Medicine's treatment of Measles.


If you would like a place to go to memorialize a loved one who has been harmed by vaccines, please click on the link below.






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