Thursday, April 23, 2015

SB 277 Threatens to Revoke Rights to Make Medical Choices

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The Education hearing
possibly the LARGEST turn out of opposition in Legislative History over 800 voiced public opposition
April 15, 2015 (view recorded meeting)
Due to an overwhelming amount of unanswered questions by the Senate and lack of answers by the bill's authors vote was postponed until
Wednesday, April 22, at 9 AM

The Bill passed the committee with 2 amendments and many Senator's concerns unaddressed. Vote of 7 yes and 2 no.
Noes were 
Sharon Runner R-Lancaster
& Connie Leyva, D-Chino

Mark your calendar for next week's Judiciary Hearing at 1:30pm Tues
April 28th.

 We need to point out the issues with this bill as amended

1. Please start formulating your letters and send them off via fax or email to the Senate Judiciary Committee members. Please ONLY CALL if you are a CONSTITUENT of that senator. All contact information is below.

Some points to hit on in your letters:

★ Segregation issue: SB277 will segregate an entire class of children which is unconstitutional, especially since there are protections in place for students with HIV and HepB. Separate is inherently not equal (Brown v. Board of Education).
★ Removes our right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
★ Violates medical ethics, (as written in Opinion 8.08 of the American Medical Association).
★ Removes freedom of religion, (as declared by the California Constitution Declaration of Rights, Article 1, Section 4).
★ Under the Individuals with Disabilities Act, students are guaranteed a Free and Appropriate Public Education to carry out their Individual Education Plan (IEP) until the age of 22
★ Violates the "equal protection clause" of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

(copy the list and paste to BCC field of your email for a quick and easy batch email),,,,,,

FAX – Please only send your fax one time.
Senator Jackson – (916) 651-4919
Senator Moorlach – (916) 651-4937
Senator Anderson – (916) 651-4938
Senator Hertzberg – (916) 651-4918
Senator Leno – (916) 651-4911
Senator Monning – (916) 651-4917
Senator Wieckowski – (916) 651-4910

PHONE (only if you are their constituent)
Senator Jackson – (916) 651-4019
Senator Moorlach – (916) 651-4037
Senator Anderson – (916) 651-4038
Senator Hertzberg – (916) 651-4018
Senator Leno – (916) 651-4011
Senator Monning – (916) 651-4017
Senator Wieckowski – (916) 651-4010

Coordinate with your Senator's office to meet and dicuss your concerns. 

Keep community outreach in the forefront of your mind. Canvassing at the weekend farmer's markets, peaceful protests, hosting an informational gathering with colleagues or in your mommy group, reaching out to your school's administrators...etc. Community outreach falls on each of us. At the very least, share this website with others



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