Sunday, February 23, 2020

Vaccines: Burden of Proof

"Ask your doctor or midwife to show you the proof that any vaccine went against a saline solution placebo-receiving control group and that they also showed proof of follow-ups a year later. And also ask for all the evidence of pregnant women having received a vaccine and pregnant women having received a saline solution placebo. They don't exist and that should be enough to just make you say, 'Okay. I don't need vaccines until you can show me that they're safe, effective, and necessary. Thank you very much.'
You see, the burden of proof shouldn't be on a person to prove why they shouldn't have vaccines because of how harmful they are. The burden of proof should be on the doctor to prove to you why you need a vaccine. The human body has receptors for oxygen but doesn't have a receptor for a vaccine. If they want to put something foreign in your body, make them prove to you why it's a great idea.
Come on now, be honest with yourself. If someone was going to show you anything that wasn't something you had been programmed to believe in your whole life, wouldn't you want them to have the burden of proof?"

                                                 -Paget Anne of Essendon

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